8 Quick vegetarian dinner ideas for week days

There are times when cooking dinner after exhausting working day is tough for mommy. Weekdays are mostly busy because of office, kid’s school, classes and household things. After returning home from work mommy has the big long list of to-do like cooking, cleaning, laundry and kid’s studies. There are many options available for that quick dinner like burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. But every day eating out and eating fast food isn’t good. So when cooking an elaborate meal is not feasible to go for these one pot meal ideas. These are nutritious, tasty and quick dinner ideas. As just one dish preparation and dinner is ready. Today’s post is about one pot meal ideas which won’t take your more time and energy for cooking. (When I cook one pot meal for a dinner, I feel so relax).If we plan meals for a week then it can save efforts and energy too. Plus point is you won’t need to spend time every day in thinking what to cook.

Here are tips to make your week day’s dinner cooking easy and tasty too.

Keep chutneys like tomato chutney ready for use in a week.

Keep a packet of cut vegetables ready in the fridge. Use smart kitchen gadgets like vegetable chopper for chopping veggies. It’s perfect to cut vegetables finely in no time.

Keep ginger and garlic paste ready for one week use.

Keep your fridge loaded with fresh fruits, bread and fruit juice.

Following are healthy, nutritious one-pot meal ideas for week days:

  1. Peas pulao (Spicy rice)

Basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, dry fruits, and spices. Gets ready for few minutes and can be served with raita or plain curd/ yogurt.

Peas pulao
Peas pulao recipe
  1. Vegetable Dalia (Broken wheat)

Broken wheat cooked with vegetables of your choice and it’s full of fibers one pot meal. Pour a spoonful of ghee and serve it.

  1. Tomato uttapam

Finely chop tomatoes. Add chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves and spices in chickpeas flour and mix well. Pour batter onto the hot griddle and roast tomato uttapam on both sides. Serve tomato uttapam with any choice of chutney.

Tomato uttapam
Tomato uttapam
  1. Khichadi

Cook rice, lentils with vegetables and spice to make khichadi. Cook khichadi in the pressure cooker and pour a spoonful of ghee while serving.

  1. Haka noodles

Noodles are all time favorite food for kids. So give them a treat by making super easy haka noodles at home. Cook vegetables and add soya sauce and schezwan chutney for more taste.

  1. Pasta

Use whole wheat pasta for making pasta of your choice as a dinner. Add the variety of vegetables and preferred sauce while making pasta.

  1. Semiya khichadi

Sekiya/vermicelli cooks with vegetables to make this one-pot meal. Use vermicelli made from wheat. Serve vermicelli khichadi with a choice of chutney.

  1. Dal dhokli

Dal dhokali is delicious one pot meal which is made using whole wheat flour and lentils. Gets choice of lentils ready by pressure cooking it. Cook whole wheat dhokali in boiling water and mix it with lentils mixture for making dal dhokali.


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