8 Useful tips to stay fit and healthy


Now it’s the time to change the well-known saying to “Health is the only wealth”. Hectic work schedule, busy daily routines, family commitments don’t allow us to take care of ourselves. Improper diet, sleep and no physical activity may lead us to illness. So it’s extremely important to maintain the correct lifestyle to stay fir and healthy always. We should keep in mind the famous quote – “Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live- Jim Rohn”.For being healthy many factors are important and our eating habits are a crucial part of it. Proper and balanced diet can help you in avoiding many diseases and illness. We should have all foods in proper proportions, as overeating or less eating may lead to another health hazards. It’s always best to have only home cooked food. Home cooked meals are nutritious, easy to digest, healthy and hygienic as well. Also, it’s free from additives, preservatives, and artificial colours. I learned the importance of eating home cooked meals from my mother. And so now I cook all our 4 meals per day at home. I enlist and shop complete week’s grocery on weekends to avoid inconvenience on weekdays. I plan our meals before hands and include all possible vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits in it.

Physical fitness is equally important for being healthy. Regular physical exercise has many benefits like control weight, control blood pressure, keep diabetes away and improve mental health. So for being best of you, include physical exercise in your routine. Being the mother of two active children I have to be always on my toes, so I learned Yoga to keep myself fit. Initially, it was extremely tough to do any physical exercise, but now I am used to it. The yoga poses give me essential energy to run behind my little kids. It helped me to lose weight and increase energy levels. Sometimes we tend to find excuses for avoiding physical exercise and it’s totally wrong. We have to maintain consistency in any physical exercise to get long-term benefits from it.

Simple tips to stay fit and healthy:

1. Follow the strict sleep schedule for the weekdays. Make sure to hit the bed every day at the earliest and same time to get complete sleep.

2. Breakfast is the main meal of the day and it’s essential to maintain good blood sugar. Never skip breakfast. Include healthy foods like oats, granola, eggs and fruits in breakfast.

3. Spend at least 30 minutes a day for physical exercise. Use smartphone app to count daily physical activity and calories burnt.

4. Eating light dinner helps to avoid excess weight gain. As we don’t do any rigorous physical activity during the night, it’s better to avoid taking heavy and big meals. I prefer eating a variety of salads, vegetable curry and chapatti for dinner.

5. Clean house helps to keep us away from infections and diseases. I always make sure to maintain clean surrounding in my house.

6. Keep away from deep fried, oily, and sweet and junk foods. These foods are high calorie and avoiding these foods help us to maintain the healthy weight.

7. Breaks are important from your daily routine/ work schedules to feel fresh and energetic. Enjoy that power naps or reading book breaks every day. Spend some time to do things which you like the most – Follow hobbies like painting, drawing etc.

8. Have at least one serving of fruits or vegetable in a day. Fruits and vegetables have all essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

Tips for kids :

If you want your kids to follow certain things, follow it yourself – This is the best way to teach them anything. As kids are great learners and they learn from their observations. Cooking the variety of dishes and presenting them with fun ways is the best policy to make your kids eat all food. Try to make your kid’s meal balanced and full of nutrition with all groups of foods. It’s important to develop their immunity and strong bones. Encourage your kids to play outdoor and limit their screen time. I enjoy playing outdoors with my both kids. Believe me, playing with children is the best stress buster, as you have to be a child while playing with them. I never tried to run so faster in my life before. Now I do as I compete with my kids in running race, cycle riding and for catching them. Our play dates are a great fitness challenge for me. Actually, I am living my childhood again and in the way I wanted it to be.

This was all about my ways to be healthy and happy.For maintaining the health we have to take care of ourselves. Happiness comes from the healthy body, so for being happy always take care of yourself.




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