A Look Into The Uncertainty Of Critical Illnesses

critical illness

Sumit was exhausted in the morning and that’s why he reached office late afternoon. He had returned home quite late, last night and couldn’t sleep well. He is a healthy and physically active adult in his mid-fifties. He hardly had any health problems or illness. But critical illness doesn’t come with a warning,something like that happened with Sumit. It wasn’t even a regular tea break time and he collapsed on the office floor. Immediately he was rushed to the emergency unit of the nearby hospital. His wife Seema and family reached the hospital as soon as they were informed. Everyone was in a shock to know how his health deteriorated all of sudden. Doctors examined Sumit, did preliminary health check-ups and other necessary tests. It was revealed that Sumit had a heart attack. The word was enough to devastate his family as they never imagined something like this will happen to a healthy man. None in his family had suffered from any heart disease before.

Doctors suggested going for a heart surgery immediately. His wife signed all the medical consent forms, though managing the medical treatment cost was a daunting task for her. She sold her jewellery and liquidated the fixed deposits. Friends and family came forward to help them in this difficult time. Luckily he had a successful heart surgery and responded positively to the treatment. But this incident served as a major eye-opener for the family and those who knew them.

Nowadays, on seeing various chronic illnesses rising in numbers,  we need the financial cover to tackle the costs associated with it. Sometimes, the illness can be life-threatening and need expensive medical treatments, hospitalization, many hospital visits, medicines and more. In all these cases, patients and their family may face a severe financial crisis. Simply told, we can’t predict about illnesses, but definitely can be prepared for it.

Going back to the story, Sumit was aghast to see the number on his final medical bills. His complete life changed in a few moments and he had to give all his savings to pay the hospital bills. After which, he did get an insurance cover. But this time, the premiums that he had to pay were higher. Something that could have been avoided had he got his insurance cover earlier.

Having insurance can’t avoid the occurrence of the illness. But it can assure you the financial support for the medical treatment. That’s because these covers come with many attractive benefits such as:

  1. It covers 34 major critical illnesses
  2. Tax benefit
  3. Protection against disability in the case of accidental disability
  4. Provides high life cover at affordable rates
  5. 100%  benefit payout if diagnosed with a terminal illness
  6. Accidental death benefit

In short, getting a critical illness insurance cover is a hassle-free process and doesn’t need any medical bills, A diagnosis sheet counts as sufficient proof.

With such benefits, the aftermath of a health scare becomes much more bearable. So, don’t let an illness take away your peace of mind and be prepared for any difficult situation with this insurance cover.

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