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I am rupali ,mommy of two naughtiest ,cutest kids on earth  who are my life. Actually my kids are the reason I started this  blog. When I found it difficult to remember so many things about parenting , food, pregnancy ,baby care , discipline ,nutrition and what’s not.. I started noting down everything on my diary and eventually it turned in to “ Hellomomy”. Probably moms need to know everything on earth and so I’m not an exception. When I conceived I started collecting searching information about pregnancy , diet in pregnancy and delivery . At very next stage it was all about my first born child and I searched for  baby care, home remedies , baby recipes , baby play. With time  I needed more and more information , and tips about parenting and children. This is when I decided to put all the treasure at one place Hellomomy  with a hope someone some where searching for it may get it at once place easily.

What you can find on my blog

You can find about Pregnancy ,Do’s and don’t in pregnancy ,Delivering baby ,Baby care , Baby diet and recipes. Recipes for picky eaters ,Disciplining Children and parenting tips. Home remedies for baby  and children. Many of the tips and tricks are my experienced  fellow mommies, family and friends  and my doctors.

“Being mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed – Linda Wooten”.

This motherhood quote is  totally true as being mother means being perfect. And it is achieved by growing up with your children.

About recipes on the blog:

Cooking is my hobby .I love to try new recipes and taste it. But while cooking food for my kids i learned new recipes and also altered many of traditional recipes by changing ingredients. Some times altered dishes turned good but other time it was disaster in my house that my daughter refused to eat same dish again. But theses efforts helped to become good “Chef mommy”.(This is what my daughter calls me.)As this blog is about parenting I have tried to put all kids and baby recipes only. These recipes are tried and tasted in my kitchen and all included all nutritious ingredients in it. I avoided using ingredients like garam masala ,food colors ,preservatives and MSG  in any of recipe.

Many times “What to cook new for kids ?”is the big question for mommy. And these all recipes specially for kids will be of help to all wonderful mommies.

Travel blog

I can’t say traveling is my hobby but definitely i love to travel and explore many places and without fail I note down all my travel diaries on Hellomomy.You will find all my travel diaries here..

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Travel diaries

About home remedies on blog  :

I am not doctor ,not nutritionist, not dietitian not any type of health care provider. These blog contents are totally from experience of mine and many other wonderful mommies who helped me for many of the articles in Hellomomy. Many tips for postnatal care , pregnancy care and baby care ,home remedies are followed from many traditions and are  effective. Purpose of posting  these home remedies is just for sharing information.

Finally however knowledge someone collects about parenting ,baby care ,children it’s less only. There are many different ways and many different things, techniques used for taking care of kids worldwide. This blog is very small effort to share this Knowledge, Experience and information with all.

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