How to achieve your fitness goal with a group

fitness goal
fitness goal

Women gain weight after pregnancy and it’s perfectly normal.How to lose that  weight? is the question.Mommies struggle to get back to normal pre pregnancy shape.With proper diet,exercise those extra pounds can be easily shredded.Here is interesting way to lose weight with friends or a group.But why does it need to be a group for losing weight?

1.When we have a group having same thinking and goal it becomes our goal.

2.Consistency can be achieved by a group better than an individual.

3.An individual can easily distract and lose interest in the activity.

To avoid this here is the solution.Find fitness buddies to accompany you on your fitness journey. Having buddies will help you to achieve your fitness goal and theirs too. Let’s see how to do it.Here are easy steps to achieve your goal of being fit.

1. Look for fitness buddies

For achieving fitness the goal you will need a set of friends having the similar goal. alk with your friends and select some of them to form a group (can select from your friends/colleagues/neighbours). Next step is naming your group (like fit buddies/ fitness freaks). Your group members will care and support each other though out the fitness journey. There is nothing better if you all could meet daily and work out together. But every time it’s not feasible and there is a solution for it as well. Every day meeting and exercising together is not possible. So here is the solution for it in next step.

2. Create a WhatsApp group

Generally everybody uses whats app so it’s best to have your fitness group on it. Or you can have a group on any available and convenient phone app. So you are set with an online group. Now your group is the place of your daily status report regarding fitness. This is the place which will have your fitness logs till you achieve your fitness goal. Be very honest and consistent. If you or any member of group is not well, you can discuss and exempt member for day or two .But all the other members should repost their daily status to group.

3. Join class

Many times we want to exercise, but do not aware of the exact steps. In that case always take a help from professional. As you are a group you can look for a trainer who teaches you the exercises. Join a class for yoga, Aerobics, pillate or any of the physical exercise you want to start with.

4. Set targets

Once you are ready with a training it’s actual work time. Every group member should share their individual target with other. E.g. Member A wants to lose 4 kg of weight, Member b wants to lose 2 inches from west. Set your convenient time and period for which you will do these exercise at home. Initially you can set 30 minutes as the work out time and gradually you can increase it.

5. Set diet


Set simple diet tips for your group. If you want you can get professional help from nutritionist or dietician. Decide and follow the simple diet tips. To start with go for easy things like less carbohydrates, more proteins, no sweets, no oil. Discuss your diet with each other every day. Make sure to be consistent in the process and dont’ have any cheat days.

6. Fulfil targets

Share your exercise period with everyone on the WhatsApp group. You can share your selfie with other group mates to encourage them. Similarly they will share their work out details and pictures with all.

10 Nov 2017 E.T. – 8.30 to 9.05 Yoga

11Nov 2017   E.T. – 7.35 to 8.10 a.m. Power yoga

Discuss targets every day, work out time and tpe of exercises done.Compete and share your everyday physical activity details without fail. Suggest and follow the type of exercises. Do not take many offs from the routine as it won’t help

7. Celebrate success

Have a success party of your weight loss with your group mates. You can have a cheat meal on the party day.But that is only once a while as you might deviate from your main goal of fitness.Once you achieve your goal don’t stop exercising as it may take you to the same point from where you have started this fitness journey.

Together we can achieve any goal and we wish you all success in your fitness joourney.Please do not forget to provide your feed backs , tips in comments section.



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