Our activities in this school holidays

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Sia had school break after her second term exams. It was long awaited school break as she was exhausted with the studies and exams. So was I, being her mommy.  On the very first day of a holiday there was the question early in the morning itself “Mommy, what shall I do now?” Its haunting situations for a mommy as I had piles of things pending.  I did not have time even to breathe and this girl wanted me to play with her as she’s getting bored. How do you survive school holidays is the toughest question for mommy. I struggle many times to keep both the kids busy. When they have school, they are busy in their school routine, but during school holidays keeping them engaged is quite tough.

I decided to make a timetable for these 10 days school vacations. I included her TV time, outdoor play time and then 2 activities every day for her. She enjoyed doing these activities and I could get time to do my work. So it was the win-win situation for both of us. Here are the details about activities for kids.

1. Lego

Lego bricks
Lego bricks

I got this tiny-miny Lego set for her. I was doubtful whether she likes it or not. She has played with Lego previously and did not show much interest.One fine morning she opened the attractive Lego box and she started making different creatures immediately. It has very tiny bricks, but she managed to make cutest creatures using the bricks. She took help of magnifying glasses also to make her favorite dinosaur. There was the manual inside the box with all necessary instructions which helped her. My girl spent many hours to try these different combinations using Lego bricks.

2. Quilling

ear rings made by quilling
earrings made by quilling

Quilling is an interesting art and Sia got one quilling set as a return gift from her friend. We didn’t open the set considering it as difficult to do. But during this time, as she has lots of time she opened it and tried her hands on making some cute colorful earrings. Kids amaze us many times by doing many difficult tasks with an ease.

3. Loom bands

Loom bands
Loom bands

Sia likes to do art and craft and she makes many beautiful artistic things. She had seen these loom band bracelets in her school and since then wanted to have the one. We got the complete set of loom bands with its tools. She made lovely bracelets using loom bands which she wants to gift her friends. She enjoyed and most got engaged.

4. Word games

The complete holiday was just fun and her favorite activities only. Before vacations she declared, no studies for her. So I did not force her for doing any study. But one day she got bored with playing and wanted me to play some game with her. I thought of playing word games with her and she agreed to it. It was fun for both of us to play these simple word games. Playing word games helps in increasing vocabulary and understanding of the language. You can play any type of games related with words. Here is an example of word game we played.

  1. Write down words starting with each alphabet. Who writes fast will be the winner.
  2. Write down words with ‘d’ as one letter in it.
P (Words starting with p) D (Words having d )
Pink Pod
Pant Sad
Park Teddy
Pram Bud
Pudding Friday
Prize Bread
Pencil Kindle

5. Charts


Sia finds few things difficult in her school curriculum.She finds Hindi the second language as a most difficult subject. So we decided to make few charts in artistic ay. She helped me to make these charts and we stuck it in her room.

6. Books

Book for kids
Book for kids

Touch wood!! She liked reading books and I don’t have to insist on reading any book (Except study books she liked to read all type of books:- ) )Reading is very good habit and if your child starts reading from young age, there are many benefits of it like good vocabulary and understanding of language, it increases general knowledge. I got the stack of books from the library before school holidays itself. She completed reading many of them and loved them absolutely.

7. Outings

Generally we don’t go out during school days (weekdays) and weekends are busy with her sports classes and homework. If there is any free time we prefer taking rest. School holiday was the perfect time to go out and have a fun. Sia insisted to take her out and we planned few outings for her. We visited, night safari, 2 indoor playgrounds.Singapore has many kid-friendly places and kids can enjoy visiting these places. I took her along with me for all my household grocery shopping as well. I made her write down all grocery lists, and she loved this grocery assignment.

What do you do to engage your kids during holidays? Please share your feedbacks in the comments section.






  1. School activities are very helpful in physical and mental growth.Specially chart and word games.

  2. That is such a lovely list! If a kid reads then there is nothing like it!

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