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During school days children are mostly busy in the studies,home work and other activities .But the real problem starts when there are school holidays and breaks. It is tough task to keep children busy without getting bored.If you have children  older than 5 years then you can relate with the situation very well. “what shall I do now ?” is the favorite question which gets fired on mommy at least thousand times in a day. I get bugged by this question during every vacations. That’s the reason this time I’m pre-prepared and planned a complete guide and time table for my kids school holidays.I hope this guide will be helpful to other fellow mommies who are sailing in the same boat.

Actually, school holidays are planned to give rest too little minds. Break from a daily routine is necessary for everyone to relax and rest. Parents can plan enjoyable holidays for their children in creative ways without putting any burden on them. Just check the likes and dislikes of your child and plan the activities accordingly. Following is an activity guide for school holidays.

#1. Assign projects:

Assign some projects to children as per their age and interest. Help them completing it. And enjoy the feeling of achievement on completion with them. Some of the projects  ideas you can assign to your child to complete in the holiday as follows :

1. Collect information about 10 famous sports personalities and make a chart. paste a picture of that person and write down a few lines about him/her.

2. List down known  countries and their capital or cities in it

3. Collect information, photos of vegetables, fruits and grains.

4. Plant trees in your garden and give it water every day.

5. Count height of existing trees in our garden and keep a log of its growth for complete one month. Find out which tree has the fastest growth.

6. Draw and paint animals, object in a book.

#2. Plan outing:

Plan visits to places where children can enjoy the museums, parks, libraries, zoo, lakes. School vacations are the perfect time to go trekking, camping with their friends. Children like to go picnics and plan picnics. Involve the child in planning these visits, let them list down and take the things required. They will learn many things from these activities. Just go for the drama /movie date with your child.

#3. Pursue Hobby :

Pursuing any hobby is the greatest stress buster. School holidays is the best time to learn skills like dance ,sing, paint ,draw, art and craft. Check your child’s interest/ hobby  and encourage him/her for excelling in it. Bring related books, newspaper articles ,or show related youtube videos and it will be of great help. My child likes drawing and painting and we see youtube videos about the topic to learn drawing.

#4. Play dates:

Invite friends of your child at home and arrange play dates. Plan some fun games for group of children and reward them with their favorite candies. It will be definitely fun afternoon for you as well. Or go to nearby park/ water parks ,playground and let children play.

#5. Study:

“Now study?  that too in vacations ? “ will be the first  question from your child, but ask them to relax,  and tell as it’s the best time to hon the skills which they are lacking in school/regular studies. Child can study about phonics, grammar, maths or the languages. My daughter studied second language grammar,which she found difficult in school. During school days it was tough to find extra time for studying it but now she is much comfortable in it.

#6. Activity classes:

school holiday activity

Nowadays  there are summer camps at schools and which  train children in sports, dance, art and craft  and much more. You can enroll your child to such camp or any other similar classes. Search for nearby workshops or activities for kids and enroll your children.

#7. Helping hands:

Take some helping hand from your child and it will be a lifestyle skills lesson for them. Show and assign small work like arranging their wardrobe , books ,toys , fold clothes. Involve children in grocery and vegetables shopping. Ask them to make a list of grocery items and pick them from grocery stores.

#8. Cooking :

Utilize vacation time to show some of the basic cooking to children. Show and teach children how to make vegetable sandwiches, pasta, noodles ,boiled eggs ,cutting fruits. Show them how to make lemonades, juice, milk. Cooking knowledge will help them in any time.

Make sure to limit child’s screen time in this school holidays and have a pleasant time.Let us know your feedbacks in comments.







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