Author: Rupali Kadam

Happy mother’s day!

It’s another bright Sunday morning in May and I woke up to read mother’s day wishing messages on WhatsApp. Thanks    to technology which doesn’t let us forget anything and reminds to celebrate every single occasion. I thought, This Sunday‘s special as it’s mother’s day .I started my day with a […]

Hot milk cake

Happy mother’s day to all wonderful mommies.I celebrated the day with my two little angels.Currently i’m addicted to baking and I share every new thing I bake on my blog.Today’s recipe is Hot milk cake which is made using all purpose flour ,eggs and hot milk.I like this simple cake […]

What to eat during pregnancy for fair baby

Diet in pregnancy is very important as baby inside womb needs all nutrients for complete development.What mother eats will directly affect foetus inside. But how your baby looks and her complexion is totally dependent on genetic part of heritance and not at all related with anything else.Though it’s scientifically proved […]

What to carry while flying with children

When I flied for first time with my toddler ,it was horrible experience. I was traveling alone in international  flight for the first time.Though I took all necessary things  to be honest I wasn’t prepared at all. Many of the things which I was having for my baby  went in […]

Raw mango takku

It’s summer here again and season of mangoes. Markets are full of variety of mangoes and it’s obvious to try different mango recipes. Raw mango have special place because of its unique tangy taste and cooling property. Mango takku is one such side dish made using grated raw mangoes. I […]

Wheat porridge

Wheat  porridge is  healthy  and  yummy  porridge/ kheer made using wheat flour/atta. Its easy to make and you can roast and store wheat flour in air tight container for making this porridge.Garnish with any favorite dry fruits to make porridge more nutritious and tasty.Its made on festivals as a offering […]

Celebrations in fantastic february

“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate – Robert brault” It’s absolutely true , if we decide to  celebrate life we can enjoy each and every moment. These  celebrations make life colourful  and give us moments to cherish for lifetime. I enjoy  celebrations […]

Tips to keep your baby’s skin soft

New born baby’s skin is very fragile and sensitive.Sometimes baby’s skin may peel off , get reddish in color and prone to allergies if it’s sensitive. Initial days are very important for new born and some precautions in these days help her in complete development and growth . There are […]

Chocolate cake

Who doesn’t like chocolates and when the chocolate is in your cake it’s “Icing on the cake :-)” .Jokes apart me and my kids enjoy  eating chocolate in any form.And for this chocolate love I try to make chocolate recipes often.I bake chocolate cake and especially ,when my daughter’s friend […]


I made murukku ,(south Indian snacks made up of rice and urad dal ) and it turned out absolutely tasty.For family get  together i buy snacks from store and murukku was always hit at my home.This time for party at my home i decided to make murukku in advance as […]

Taking care of mother after birth

Pregnancy is very  important period  for mother and baby in her womb. Women should take care of diet , lifestyle in pregnancy. After delivering baby new mommy gets busy with the new responsibilities and baby. Women  should continue taking  care of her diet and lifestyle after pregnancy also. It helps […]