Author: Roopali Kadam


Incredible – Superpowers I want in 2019

While playing different roles to different people in our life, we have to be different. As a mommy, wife, daughter,daughter-in-law, sister,friend we are bound to certain set of expectations. But whether these expectations from our loved ones get fulfilled? Well, not every time as being human we have constraints like […]


What to pack in your gym bag

Mom, where is my lunch box? Mom, I couldn’t see my water bottle? the constant questions pouring from kids couldn’t irk me. Along with packing their things for school, I was packing my own bag for the gym too. I was excited to start my gym. After trying exercises like […]


I kept on walking to…

While in my teens, parents taught me to keep walking, no matter what situation comes in front. Being vigorous I,  adopted it with great dynamism. The days and nights passed, Many summers came and went. There were some days which brought darkest gloomy cloud on me,and the days, which brought […]