Author: Roopali Kadam

A call from a stranger #ATOZChallenge

Asha always supported her sister Aditi throughout her adoption journey. There were some times when Aditi almost gave up, but Asha found the solution to all the problems. She was always there to help her family and friends. In spite of being such a matured and strong person, Asha wasn’t […]

home cooked

4 Awesome benefits of eating at home

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and thus we decided to have a family movie marathon. After watching our family favorites like Finding Nemo, Ice age, Cars I realized, that I haven’t cooked anything and we all were hungry. Kids demanded pizza but I remembered it’s our fourth time of […]

Common Dental Implant Mistakes to Avoid

Dental implants have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry, as they offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, and while the treatment is expensive and takes quite a while to complete, there are some mistakes that people can make when looking to have dental implant treatment, and here are a few examples. Accepting […]

How to help Multitasking mommy

5.45 am in the clock and alarm rang!! Neha was in her deep sleep and struggled hard to open her eyes. Yesterday she came late from the office and slept around  12 a.m. She woke up and headed straight to the kitchen. While packing lunch boxes, school bags, water bottles […]