Author: Rupali Kadam

Aam panna using roasted mangoes

Aam panna is must have cold drink for this summer heat.Its my favorite summer cooler and i tried it making this different recipe of roasting mangoes.I got inspired by many fellow bloggers recipe of  Aam panna with roasted mangoes and decided to follow this interesting and tasty recipe this summer.As […]

Cabbage pancakes

Cabbage pancakes are made using freshly grated cabbage or leftover cabbage curry.I make this when i have leftover cabbage curry and no one wants to eat it. Its tasty and very healthy breakfast option .These pancakes can be served with any choice of chutney or tomato sauce also.It can be […]

Fischer Tip product review

Kids always like to explore different types of activities and when its school holiday time activities are essential to keep them engage.My both kids are interested in art and craft  activities. They like to make variety of things and then collecting accolades by showing to everyone is favorite thing to […]

Are you stressed out all the time mommy ?

Being parent is joy and challenge at the same time.And for mommy dear the journey Journey starts from conceiving stage itself.Mommy has many responsibilities from taking care of baby ,feeding  and other household chores.After delivering baby the initial period is difficult as mommy is not used to new routine of  […]

Thai red curry

When I had Thai food for the first times years ago, I didn’t have an idea about the taste and flavours of it. But since then I have become biggest fan of Thai food and make sure to make it often. Along with vegetable spring rolls, pineapple rice I like […]

What to look for while buying pram and stroller

  When I bought pram for my first born child  I didn’t know  that its big task and needs some study. Prams  or strollers   have many different parameters  of its own  and  there are  many different types in it.  When I  went for buying it  to market I simply selected […]

Holi celebration and recipes

Holi is exburent  and fun festival celebrated across many parts of india. People meet ,mingle,dance ,color each other and relish on delicacies on the holi. Holi is spring festival and its basically celebrated for two days. First day is known as holika   dahan or choti  holi across different parts in […]

How yoga helped me to better health

How I started practicing  yoga is  another interesting story.I wanted to lose that extra pounds which I put on during  my second pregnancy.Yoga was never on my mind as I considered it  only for flexible people.I never practiced yoga in my life not thought of enrolling to any class for […]

Why do we want to get children to make decision

Today is another guest post day and it is contributed by  Mr. Neow  ker  Eong . Its based on decision making for children.Its must read for all parents as Neow has discussed impressive ways about decision making in following post. Neow Ker Eong is the executive for Brain Bytes, a […]

Is your toddler not gaining weight

I always wanted my kids to be chubby and fat just like poster babies are. But both of my kids are totally opposite of it and I have to take lot of efforts for  their weight gain. For getting them gain some weight I tried many foods and finally consulted […]

Coconut Karanji/ Gujiya

  Its festival time and people are busy for getting ready for festivals of color HOLI.Holi is such a fun festival which gives chance to everyone to enjoy colors,meet your loved one’s and relish number of delicacies.Coconut karanji /Gujiya is one such sweet / dessert made during holi across many […]