Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Skin


Let’s discuss top benefits of drinking water for your skin, According to a medical study by the renowned American Medical Treatment Centre, Mayo Clinic, a human body is said to be made up of 60% water that is critical for the proper functioning of every organ and body system. As we are aware of the benefits of drinking more water for our health and body. It also has a huge effect on our skin.

Likewise, the Skin is made up of Cells which is made up of water. Now if the Skin does not get enough drinking water daily, then the Skin becomes dehydrated, and later turns dry, dull and flaky, shorn of vibrancy making it susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines, etc.

Medical experts also tell that when a person’s blood becomes thick and water-deficient as a result of organs pulling the water out, the Blood, in turn, pulls out the water from the Skin Cells. What happens later is that while the Skin tends to look too dry and less resilient/elastic, the Eyes begin to look darker and sunken. This, in turn, will age a person faster.

Traditional wisdom has always maintained that drinking more water daily has an instant positive impact on Skin, making it look younger with a radiant complexion. That is why it’s said that staying properly hydrated helps to ensure healthier body as well as skin.

Drinking Water Effects On Your Skin

Here are certain important factors that tell as to how drinking Water has an effect on your Skin:

Helps Increase Skin’s Elasticity:

Daily intake of adequate drinking Water not only increases the skin’s elasticity but also helps to rejuvenate the Skin, maintain optimum skin-moisture, and the circulation of essential nutrients to the Skin Cells.

Keeps The Skin Young:

Compared to Anti-Aging Skin Treatments, drinking water helps to delay the onset of factors of aging like Wrinkles, Fine Lines, etc & keeps the Skin soft, smooth and supple, enhancing its complexion.

Get Rid Of Toxins:

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated as a result of which Toxins are flushed out of your body leaving behind a healthy & Glowing Skin. Further, it also helps increase your Metabolic-Rate & improves your Digestive System.

Gets Rid Of Sagging Skin:

People who shed fat find that their skin tends to sag. Drinking enough water helps strengthen the Skin giving it a glowing look.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles / Puffy Eyes:

Dark circles / Puffy Eyes could be due to a host of factors including aging skin, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, stress problems and bad eating habits like stale food, etc. Drinking water helps to flush out the Toxins from the body system which in turn helps reduce the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area. Check out some easy tips to get rid of dark circles.

Maintains Ph Balance Of Skin:

Enough water must be consumed daily to help maintain the pH balance of the Skin, thus ensuring that it stays healthy and vibrant.

In addition to the above, drinking enough water daily also helps to:

  • Take proper care of brittle nails.
  • Keep Acne & Pimples at a distance.

Medical experts recommend that one must drink at least eight glasses of clean and pure drinking water daily. Tests have proved that people, who drink eight glasses or more of drinking water daily (Three Litres of drinking water or more), will find that their Skin constantly maintains a radiant glow. Results don’t happen overnight but take place over a period of time provided daily consistency is maintained. For a better and glowing Skin, you need to not only drink enough pure drinking water but also have loads of patience to wait for the results that you long for.


There are many other benefits of drinking water for your health, body, and mind. Here are a detailed drinking water facts infographic by Purefy, which helps you to understand the facts and benefits of water.

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