How blogging helps me to relieve stress

Relieve stress

While leaving my lucrative software developer job of 5 years, I hardly thought about the future. Relocation, family and my child were on my priority list. The time passes so fast and we realize that we have left something behind. Something similar happened to me as well, the free time, a new place created the unavoidable “void”.And  Hellomomy was not on my mind. It was just a diary to note down things. As I kept forgetting things, I started writing down that hundred of recipes collected from friends and family. Then noted down home remedies for children collected from grannies and aunts. But it was tough to maintain these diaries of tips and tricks. With relocation I lost my diaries and thus I switched on to maintaining an online diary -“Hellomomy”.

Now, I enjoy blogging the most and it is the great stress buster for me. My laptop, a mug of coffee and some “Me time” is the heavenly combo for me. This combo itself takes all my stress away. I’m not talking about the blog stats and the achievements as a blogger, but it’s about the joyous feeling of writing. It’s just about an effort to be happier, to be a better blogger by every day.

How blogging helps me to  relieve stress and feel happy.

1.Sense of accomplishment

” Exercise the writing muscle
every day.
Even if it is a only letter,
notes a title list,
a character sketch,
a journal entry.
Writers are like dancers,
like athletes,
without that exercise,
the muscles seize up.
-Jane Yolen.”

I follow it religiously, with a hope to express myself in the more better way.

I wake up every morning, with a thought-to make Hellomomy more colourful in every possible way. Not only it gives me a chance to lay out my thoughts but also target, to complete. Writing x number of posts every month is the goal, while starting the month. And then lot’s of reading, surfing, searching, editing keep me occupied. After completing the target or assignments , I feel the sense of accomplishment, which is incomparable. It helps me to be more disciplined, more goal oriented. This sense of accomplishment definitely boosts my confidence.


Who doesn’t like appreciation? I’m not an exception. It feel absolutely great to get an appreciating comments, feedbacks by the readers, brands, bloggers. Every appreciating comment on the blog, boosts my confidence three fold. It gives the satisfaction of helping someone and gives me the strength to write more. I feel on cloud nine after knowing the opinion of other about my blog. I get encouraged to put more creativity in my blog.

3. Communication

Before starting blogging, many times I felt lonely and wanted to communicate my thoughts with someone. Blogging gave me an opportunity to communicate with my readers, bloggers, virtual friends, brands. I got an opportunity to interact with many talented bloggers across the world and it was an amazing experience. I feel the blogger’s world is too kind as  many bloggers, readers helped me in my journey as a blogger. They never hesitated to share their knowledge or blogging tips with me shared they I’ll  be grateful to all those kind souls. Readers feedbacks and comments on the blog , gives me their perspective about the topic. Knowing various view about the topic is absolutely interesting. Last but not least, I have got wonderful friends, , through my blog. Though we  are located at different parts of the world, we are connected to each other by the blogging.


4. Express thoughts

My mind is always full of thoughts, problems and when I write it down, I get relieved from them. I can relieve my  stress by writing down it. By expressing my  view by writing, I  get the clarity of thoughts. My attitude has changed from problem seeker to problem solver. Actually, whenever I feel exhausted, I start writing a blog post. It distracts me from my  current situation or problem. By the time a complete my article, my problem gets  forgotten or resolved . So isn’t it great? Forget about the problem while writing about it.

5. Working flexibility

This is something every  women, a mother needs as a professional. Blogging gives me an opportunity to work as per my convenience. There isn’t a restriction of time or a day, There are deadlines, but that can be followed with working hours flexibility . Let me tell you the secret about my working hours, My work on the blog starts mostly after 11pm in the night. ( sometimes it 1 am in the night as well.) It’s  the fact, late night time is ideal for me to start work. As kids and hubby sleep in the night and I get my “ME Time”. The house full of silence which is exactly necessary for me to think and write. I utilise my free time in the afternoon for composing posts, communicating with my readers, updating social media.

6. Financially independent

“Learning something new every day, is the kick for me” I absolutely like to learn new things. And  blogging helped me to  learn many new things every day. Also, I got a chance to associate with many renowned brands, people for  collaborations. Collaborations and promotions activities helped me to be financially independent.

I’m taking my blog to next level with #Myfriendalexa and #blogchatter.

Come and join in my journey.



  1. 100% agree with all the points written.

  2. Suchita Agarwal

    So true. I always say I wouldn’t have written half the things I have if I didn’t have a blog!

  3. All the points covered are sure true and relevant. Thanks for sharing .

  4. Totally agree with the points covered here.

  5. Great points. Thanks for sharing.I feel the same way too.

  6. Absolutely! There’s something so fulfilling about blogging. Excellent points.

  7. Well said about blogging. I started it to just write things, later to earn money, but now to share my thoughts and make my online journal memorable.

  8. Very well expressed…blogging is a great stress buster no doubt…for that any creative activity one indulgence in is good for mental health…
    God bless you

  9. Yes I also believe that blogging will help to relieve stress. I’m also doing this now as a reliever and it’s brought me calmness.

  10. It’s good to have something to relieve stress, so why shouldn’t it be blogging, it’s just you, your thoughts, a nice cup of favorite drink, and and endless possibilities

  11. Writing is stress reliever definitely. And blogging brings much more accomplishments.

  12. Writing really is very therapeutic….. As they said writers get to live fully…. They magnify everything, really smell the flowers, taste the food, breathe the air…..

  13. Bunmieshealthychoices

    Blog definitely helps in many ways.

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