The body shop Fuji green tea body butter-Review

Body butter
Body butter

I got this Body butter Fuji green tea by the body shop. It’s my first time, that I am using the skin care product having green tea in it. I’m the big fan of the body shop skin care products but haven’t used Fuji green tea body butter. I have heard green tea is not only good for the health but also good for the skin. Please check the review of the product as follows.

About the body shop

The company was Founded in 1976 and is one of the most recognized companies in the world. They have 3000 stores, 28 e-commerce sites, Over 22,000 employees, 30 million customers yearly. They offer a wide range of product categories: skincare, bath and body, gifting, make-up & fragrance. The wonderful thing about the body shop products is – products are 100% vegetarian and hasn’t been tested on animals

What it claims:

Smooth on replenishing hydration with our crisp and refreshingly scented Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter.

  • Intense hydration for all skin types
  • 24-hr hydration
  • Lightweight texture
  • With butter, green tea from Japan

Ingredients of the Fuji green tea body butter:

Main has green tea leaves are sourced from the foothills of Mount Fuji. These green tea leaves are hand-picked from the Shizuoka region of Japan. The environment quality is perfect for growing Japan’s world-renowned green tea.

Directions for use:

Massage into skin. Be generous! It works even better when applied straight after a bath or shower.

My review of this product:

The body shop
Body butter

I was quite excited to use the moisturizer with a green tea as the main ingredient. When I opened it for the first time, I was surprised to see a thick and luscious green cream in the pack. I have used mostly liquid and light moisturizers up to now. So with a surprise, I started using this Fuji green tea body butter. It’s luscious cream and takes an effort to apply the butter on your skin. But once it gets absorbed in the skin, then it works finely. It keeps the skin moisturized for the whole day. And the most special thing about it is, it has light green tea fragrance which long lasts. After applying the body butter , it smells nice and gives a refreshing feeling throughout the day. Green tea has many health benefits and good for oour skin as well. The nutrients present in green tea help to nourish the skin.And the fuji green tea ,used for making this body butter is carefully selected from fields in japan.

Actually, I have a dry skin and need the good moisturizer, so this body bitter works well for me. But I feel it won’t be suitable for oily skin. Regular use of this body butter makes skin soft and supple while moisturizing it perfectly.

How much it Costs:

It is available at price: $32.90  for 200ml

Where to buy:

You can buy The body shop products from their website and outlets.

Do I recommend this product?

Good quality beauty products help to take care of the skin, so always select your skin care products wisely. The body shop Fuji green tea body butter is value for the money. It’s gentle on skin and green tea extracts in it nourish the skin. I absolutely like this product and I recommend it. It’s absolutely value for money as it protects skin.

The body shop have the very good range of body care, skin care, makeup products as well. Have a look of their awesome range on their website.




  1. interesting product review nice sharing

  2. Seems like its a really good product. But does body shop use too many chemicals?

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