Breakfast date for mommy

The title of this post sounds funny, right? Mommy on a date? Sounds unreal!  That too on breakfast? How’d that possible? Who wants to get ready for the date so early in the morning? And why would mommy want to go on date? Stop!! Stop! So many questions flashing on your mind after reading this title.

Same was my situation when I heard this for the first time. Finding time for a date is something unreal and wasn’t in my distant dream also. Being the mother of two children I hardly get time to go out, I go out only when it’s extremely important. I take my breakfast and meals with my husband and children; sometimes we invite our friends at home for dinners or lunch. In short, I am always accompanied by my children everywhere. Mommy’s job is 24*7…that’s what motherhood is about. But if we see things from mommy’s perspective, the same routine becomes monotonous for her. Mommy may feel neglected/depressed/bored because of lack of attention from other family members. This is a real fact and no exaggeration. Let’s discuss something very interesting idea about the date for mommy. Sometimes mommy in the house too needs a break. This idea of breakfast date is really interesting and refreshing too as you can meet your friends on the date. As it’s for breakfast it won’t much disturb schedules of children and others. Give a try on it and enjoy your weekday breakfast in a different way. We have tried to go on this mommy’s breakfast date, and it was an amazing experience.

We are a group of mommies and some of us have planned on this breakfast date for mommy on a weekday morning. Basically, its breakfast gets together arranged by one of my friend in her house. She invited 6 friends in the morning on Wednesday at her house. It was planned in the morning so her husband and children were already gone out for office and school respectively. She cooked a hot breakfast for all of us. (Or can store bought if anyone doesn’t wish to cook). We reached on time for the date. Eating fresh, hot breakfast and that to readymade was a most luxury for all mommies. We played music and discussed many subjects. It was a very relaxing morning for all of us. Let’s see how mommy can go for a breakfast date and how to have the one.

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1. How to do:

Form a group for executing this idea of breakfast date. It can have any number of members and members can be fellow mommies, college friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. One mommy/ member from the group will arrange this date at her house or nearby restaurant. It will be on a rotating basis and each mommy/ member will get an opportunity to be the host for joyous dates. All other members will reach on time in the morning for a date.

2. Time constraints

date is in the morning it won’t affect your family’s schedule. Select time window when your kids are at school and husband is at the office. Stick to the only suitable time window for 2-3 hours. And you can have this date as many number of time as you want, you can have a breakfast date.

3. Is it helpful?

Absolutely yes, it’s worth your time and gives a try for this fun activity, you will surely love it mommy. It gives a chance of expressing thoughts and feelings to others which is really helpful for being stress-free and happy. .You can enjoy, relax and eat your breakfast peacefully with your friends. Meeting your friends often is not possible without any occasion; this date gives you a perfect occasion to meet them.

Do definitely give a try to this breakfast date idea and i’m sure you will love the concept of meeting friends on breakfast. Please share your feedbacks with us in the following comments section.




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