Baby Care

Useful tips for traveling with baby

While traveling with kids what to carry and what not to is difficult question. If parents are traveling with baby/ infant then the list of things to carry along with will increase. As children may need anything from clothes to foods and from books to toys.At home everything which is […]

Easy ways to prevent diaper rashes

if your baby is having diaper rashes frequently or cries after every time you make her wear diapers. Then you have to take some precautions for preventing diaper rashes. As its been said  “Precautions are better than cure “, always take some precautions while using diapers”. Keeping  baby bottom clean […]

Is your toddler not gaining weight

I always wanted my kids to be chubby and fat just like poster babies are. But both of my kids are totally opposite of it and I have to take lot of efforts for  their weight gain. For getting them gain some weight I tried many foods and finally consulted […]

Mama earth baby products review

I have two kids and I always used renowned brand skin care products for my elder child. When I  started using  same products for my younger one it didn’t work out so well. As every child is different and I noticed my younger one’s skin was getting dry in spite […]

Pampers premium care pants – product review

Recently I started using Pampers premium care pants ( Extra Large Size Diaper Pants) for my baby .For  growing and active toddlers a diaper with more soaking capacity, leak proof sides  is necessary and that’s what it exactly has .Pampers premium care pants has  dryness capacity up to 12 hours. […]

How to bath newborn baby

Many babies love water as it reminds them of the cosy, watery world of the mother’s womb. So bathing makes them happy. Once navel of baby gets healed bath can be given generally after 3-4 days  after  birth bath is given to  new born babies . But it is always […]

Effective tips for massaging baby

After birth of my first child I got to know about massaging and its importance. I decided to massage my baby when she was one month old. It was exciting to take care of  little baby and learn new things. But I was anxious to handle her as she was […]

Effective tips for treating diaper rashes

Diaper rashes are commonly experienced problems in babies .Its caused mainly by prolonged use and infrequent change of diapers. It is a type of irritant dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin. Factors that can contribute to rash development include hot and humid weather, skin allergies, poor laundering of diapers, new materials […]