Baby food

Wheat porridge

Wheat  porridge is  healthy  and  yummy  porridge/ kheer made using wheat flour/atta. Its easy to make and you can roast and store wheat flour in air tight container for making this porridge.Garnish with any favorite dry fruits to make porridge more nutritious and tasty.Its made on festivals as a offering […]

Semolina sheera halawa

Semolina sheera is made from Semolina.Its famous in western parts of india and often made for naivadyam( Offerings to god )on festivals and auspicious occasions.I make it for my kids for their snacks. Its easy to make  and easy to digest also.Its good food for babies as well. There are […]

Home made baby food

After starting solids to baby  what to give ? is biggest question mother has. As young babies cant chew and thus digest the food.There are many baby foods available in the market and which are easy to digest for young babies. Instead of using any packed outside baby food home […]

Rice Smoothie

  Rice is very easy to digest and most widely used food across world. While starting solids to baby /infant mainly rice is started. This rice smoothie is given to infants and it’s very nutritious food to start as solid.I gave this rice smoothie to both my kids  when they […]