Aam panna using roasted mangoes

Summer is the season for drinking variety of summer coolers. Aam panna is one of the most popular summer cooler. I remember we used to have 2 month’s summer vacation when I was a child. My place has very hot weather and in summer temperature goes above 44 degree Celsius. […]

Mango lassi recipe

Summer is the season of cold drinks, ice creams and off course mangoes. Nothing can beat the taste of sweet, juicy  and aromatic mangoes. My house is full of mangoes and I try to make variety of recipes using it. I like mango in any form. For satisfying mango craving […]

Thandai lassi

Thandai means coolant and its prefect coolant for this hot summer. Summer is the season for drinking variety of coolants, juices, sarabat , panna drinks. I like to drink lassi as a cooler. So I made lassi  the favourite with different flavour of thandai masala.  Thandai is special drink served […]