Breakfast recipe

Vegetable cheese sandwich

I like this vegetable and cheese sandwiches for breakfast and its often made in my house for weekend mornings.This easy to make sandwich can be made using variety of vegetables.If your kid is picky eater then make these vegetable and cheese sandwiches often and pack in your child’s lunch box.Grilling […]

Rava idli

Rava idli or instant idli is quick version of idli and needs only two main ingredients.As idli is one of the healthiest breakfast recipe i often make idli.But there are some times when i forget to soak rice and lentils for making idli.This is time when rava idli comes to […]

Cabbage pancakes

Cabbage pancakes are made using freshly grated cabbage or leftover cabbage curry.I make this when i have leftover cabbage curry and no one wants to eat it. Its tasty and very healthy breakfast option .These pancakes can be served with any choice of chutney or tomato sauce also.It can be […]

Potatoes and peas paratha

Potato paratha / aloo paratha is one of the most popular breakfast or meal dish. Wide number of food joints and restaurants serve aloo paratha in northern parts of india.I’m posting here recipe of potato and peas stuffed paratha.Its winter and markets are loaded with fresh green peas every where, […]

Chickpeas sundal

I was searching the protein packed recipes for losing my excess  weight and being vegetarian i include many lentils dishes in my diet. Chickpeas I use mostly  to make chole masala and my family loves  chole masala with rice and paratha. Recently  i visited friends place for festive celebrations and […]

Egg mayo cheese sandwich

Healthy breakfast is necessary for  proper start of day.Its been said that eggs make perfect breakfast with their protein packed goodness.Egg mayo sandwich is one such healthy egg breakfast recipe which needs only few minutes to assemble. Give a try to egg mayo with cheese sandwiches and kick start your […]

Pizza sandwiches

This is interesting sandwich recipe and it was on my to- do list from so many days. I always make bread pizza and pizza discs for my kids as they love all kind and size of pizzas. I tried this bread pizza sandwich and it was instant hit in my […]

Bread upama

 Bread upama is left over recipe made using bread slices.Its variation of semolina upama.When no one wants to eat stale breads this recipe is good option to reuse breads.When you have stock of breads at home try this recipe and breads will get finished in no time.Sprinkle lemon juice on […]

Besan cabbage chila chickpeas pan cake

Besan chila is traditional breakfast recipe.Its  quick pan cake made using chickpeas and rice flour.Vegetables like Onion ,tomatoes,chilies can be added in it for increasing nutrition value.It can be served with choice of chutney or just sauce.It  makes perfect meal accompanied with any vegetable curry as well. I have added […]

Semolina sheera halawa

Semolina sheera is made from Semolina.Its famous in western parts of india and often made for naivadyam( Offerings to god )on festivals and auspicious occasions.I make it for my kids for their snacks. Its easy to make  and easy to digest also.Its good food for babies as well. There are […]


Poha(beaten rice) is mainly served as breakfast.It has its many different version.Kande/onion poha is famous recipe in maharashtra. Kande/onions  poha is a must to have delicacy in western parts of india and it makes healthy snacks too. This poha has a taste of tangy lemons and slight sweetness of sugar […]