How to help your child for school tests

Are you surprised to read this post title?  “How to help your child for school tests ? s it necessary? Does primary school student have studies? Are you joking?” might be your reactions after reading this post title. And  if  anyone would have told about this to my parents around […]

Activity guide for school vacations

During school days children are mostly busy in the studies, home work and other activities .But the real problem starts when there are school vacations and breaks. It is tough task to keep children busy without getting bored. If you have children  older than 5 years then you can relate […]

What to carry while flying with children

When I flied for first time with my toddler ,it was horrible experience. I was traveling alone in international  flight for the first time.Though I took all necessary things  to be honest I wasn’t prepared at all. Many of the things which I was having for my baby  went in […]

How to teach children about gender equality

There are many debates on the topic gender equality and people have different opinions about it. We have to show /teach the importance of gender equality to our children from young age. Parents want their children to have right values and early education on it is really helpful. House is […]

Why do we want to get children to make decision

Today is another guest post day and it is contributed by  Mr. Neow  ker  Eong . Its based on decision making for children.Its must read for all parents as Neow has discussed impressive ways about decision making in following post. Neow Ker Eong is the executive for Brain Bytes, a […]

Hand foot and mouth disease

While enrolling sara to playschool this year I hardly knew about dreadful Hand foot mouth disease. I heard about Hand foot mouth disease earlier and  knew how easily it spreads in schools, kindergartens and day cares in singapore. Sara was very keen to mingle with her age kids and I […]

5 Ways to foster creative habits using toys

Today’s post is guest post by Mr. Neow  ker  Eong and  its about the very important topic,How toys can be used to foster creative habits in children.Playing is important part of child’s life and it’s great if parents can foster creative habits in them by using this playtime. Neow Ker […]

Sara’s second birthday celebrations

Recently we celebrated 2 nd birthday of our younger munchkin and it was fun filled day for all. We couldnt  believe that  little princess is already two years old, We feel as if  she‘s  born just yesterday.I remember the moment when i hold her in my hands  for the first […]

Kindergarten graduation ceremony

 Well graduation ceremony was something which i heard first time  in my life when i was studying in  engineering college. Till  my graduation study  i never knew  about it . There were many reasons  like , i was  eldest child in  my family and was first one to study professional […]

7 Important money lessons for children

My 3 year daughter demanded  to get money from atm machine to buy her favourite princess doll  in a toys shop. When I refused saying I don’t have  money she shown me atm machine and asked  to get money from this machine. I  tried to  explain her that for getting […]