Hand foot and mouth disease ( HFMD )

While enrolling sara to playschool this year I hardly knew about dreadful Hand foot mouth disease. I heard about Hand foot mouth disease(  HFMD ) earlier and  knew how easily it spreads in schools, kindergartens and day cares in singapore.Sara was very keen to mingle with her age kids and […]

Sara’s second birthday celebrations

Recently we celebrated 2 nd birthday of our younger munchkin and it was fun filled day for all. We couldnt  believe that  little princess is already two years old, We feel as if  she‘s  born just yesterday.I remember the moment when i hold her in my hands  for the first […]

Kindergarten graduation ceremony

 Well graduation ceremony was something which i heard first time  in my life when i was studying in  engineering college. Till  my graduation study  i never knew  about it . There were many reasons  like , i was  eldest child in  my family and was first one to study professional […]

Teaching Sharing to kids

Teaching children how to share

I like to meet and have get together with my friends once a while. Not only it gives me chance to mingle with my friends/ fellow moms but also its play date for my children. These meet ups are super fun times for complete family. Recently I visited my friend […]

Tips for planning birthday party

Birthdays are special occasions for children for which they wait complete year.For them its their special day when everyone around them wish and gives gifts. And moreover as the birthday parties are most important events for them. My daughter collects all to do lists for her birthday .She wants it […]

Tips for planning outdoor play for children

Nowadays children are more busy with school curriculum , studies, classes  and  could  hardly find time for  playing outdoor. Beside  busy school  schedules children prefer  spending time with their favourite  electronic entertainment gadgets like television , smart phones , tabs ,laptops.And thus  outdoor playing takes back seat  which is  actually  […]