Cold drink

Strawberry milk

  Once in a friends  birthday party my daughter drank Strawberry milk and she loved it.Many times she asked me for it again. I bought Strawberry milk from market but that was less sweeter and less of flavors, than what she drank in her friends birthday party.So i decided to […]

Mango lassi summer cooler

With plenty of mangoes around in the market ,making mango delicacies is obvious.Mangoes have many health benefits and taste of mangoes is plus point. Variety of mangoes have different taste and some have different smell too. Alphanso mangoes are famous for taste and smell. And so anything made using these […]

Flavored or masala buttermilk

Its summer and season of chilled drinks.Butter milk is popular cold drink made using curd at home.Its served on street side specially during summer.Masala buttermilk is flavored butter milk with few vegetables and spices. Spices used for making flavored buttermilk can be of choice like dry ginger,black pepper,cumin, black salt […]