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Coconut Karanji/ Gujiya

  Its festival time and people are busy for getting ready for festivals of color HOLI.Holi is such a fun festival which gives chance to everyone to enjoy colors,meet your loved one’s and relish number of delicacies.Coconut karanji /Gujiya is one such sweet / dessert made during holi across many […]

Chocolate carrot cake

It’s time for guest posts again and Our today’s Guest blogger is very talented food blogger and Lovely mommy Usha rani. She blogs at  and loves cooking variety of dishes.Her  blog has many tried and tasted recipes from different cuisines.My kids like eating cake and thus i requested Usha […]

How to make gulab jamuns

Khoya / paneer balls deeped in sugar syrup is scrumptious dessert. Functions , parties and festivals are incomplete without this golden coloured gulab  jamuns. I always make these golden jamuns dessert at home as it tastes much better than store brought gulab  jamuns.  Jamuns can be made from paneer ,milk […]

Coconut ladoo

I always drooled on these white ,soft coconut ladoos ,but never tried making this delicious ladoo. Believe it’s the easiest to make laddo which takes mainly only 2 ingredient and just few minutes.Coconut ladoo has many recipe variations and its made from freshly grated coconut or dry grated coconut.Ladoos are […]

Khoya – mawa – khawa Rabri

Rabri is type of indian desert famous in mostly northern parts of india. Rabri is mostly served with jalebi,malpuwa ,gulabjamun and used while making Rasmalai. Rabri is Sweetened full cream milk with richness of milk cream and dry fruits. Rabri is made by reducing full cream milk and flavoring with […]

Sago or sabudana kheer

Sago kheer/porridge is made using sago and milk.Sago is used for making Fasting/vrat recipes like sago khichadi , sago /sabudana fritters ,sago rotis or parathas. Sago/Sabudana  kheer is good recipe for toddlers (at least 1 year old) as its easy to chew. Variety of  porridge like semai kheer , semolina […]

Peanut and jaggery ladoos

Peanut ladoos are extremely nutritious as Peanuts are rich source of proteins,vitamin E, folate,fats and niacin. jaggery is rich in calcium and iron. These ladoos make ideal snack for growing kids, pregnant women and people having low hemoglobin.As iron in it helps to increase hemoglobin very fast. For making this […]

Carrots kheer or 4C kheer

Carrots kheer is very tasty and nutrition packed dessert made using carrots and cashew nuts. Carrots are rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and full of antioxidants so including carrots in more quantity in diet is very beneficial. Carrots kheer can be given to babies /infants as […]

Chocolate almonds fudge

Chocolates might be the most loved deserts across all parts of world. From kids to elderly everybody loves chocolates. There are variety of types of chocolates  like brown ,white  ,dark chocolate.Brown chocolates are made using cocoa solids.Powdered cocoa is used for many chocolate recipes.Eating chocolate is sheer bliss for me […]

How to make puran poli

Puran poli is very delicious type of roti and its made  more across western part of india .We make puran poli on almost all festivals as a offering to God. It needs much time  and efforts to make perfect melt in mouth sweet roti.Stuffing used in this puran poli is […]

Dry fruit laddu or dink laddu

    Dry fruits Laddu are made specially in winter as a warm food . All Ingredients used in this laddu have many health benefits like almonds are good for brain ,Edible gum is good for bones, Dried dates have calcium and iron ,ghee is rich in fats.Fenugreek seeds and […]