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Basundi or milk dessert

Basundi is type of indian dessert famous in mostly western parts of india.Different version of basundi is rabri which is widely made in northern parts of india. Rabri is mostly served with jalebi,malpuwa and used while making Rasmalai. Basundi is served with puri or chapati or just only bowl of […]

Carrots Halawa or gajar ka halawa

Carrots halawa /Gajar ka halawa is  very popular desert made up of carrots mainly. As winter is season of carrots this halawa is mostly made  in winters .Carrots are rich source of vitamin A so it is very good option for kids. It can be made with easily available few […]

Malai pedhe

  Pedha is very commonly used and easily available type of indian sweet. As it can be made instantly and available easily at sweets shops , it’s used on almost every celebration ,occasion ,festivals . There are many versions of this desert and with extra ingredient new falvour of pedhas […]