Common Dental Implant Mistakes to Avoid

Dental implants have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry, as they offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, and while the treatment is expensive and takes quite a while to complete, there are some mistakes that people can make when looking to have dental implant treatment, and here are a few examples. Accepting […]

Dreams And A Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t you have those days when you wake up from your sleep feeling fresh and energetic because you’ve had a complete rest? When you say that you’ve had a good night’s sleep it is more than just having seven to ten hours of sleep every day. Waking up feeling you’ve […]

5 Important Health Tips for Women

Women are usually found struggling to find a balance between their personal and professional lives. If you are a homemaker, you juggle between the children and house chores and find little time for your own self. It is definitely difficult when people expect too much from you. But a woman […]

Oral health

Top Ways to Care for Teeth

Keeping your smile healthy and white sounds easy but with the amount of substances our teeth come into contact with daily, it’s hard to keep up the shine. This article will look into some daily habits you can adopt to ensure you keep your smile as healthy as possible. Doing […]

Clean air home

Effective ways to reduce indoor pollution

Fresh air is the basic necessity to live and that’s becoming rare now. Almost in every city/ urban areas, the air is polluted with harmful smoke from chemical plants, emission, smoke from vehicles, dust. The quality of air is worst and unsafe to breathe. Breathing polluted air is hazardous to […]

5 Best foods to improve digestion

I have suffered very severe stomach bacterial infection and it affected my digestion and overall health. It caused worst diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, stomach wind, nausea and  I had to get hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment. I underwent numerous medical tests also. Infection caused swelling on my intestines and a […]

10 Things which can cause poor digestion

Many people have low digestion / poor digestion problem.There might be many factors responsible for low digestion.Balanced diet,exercise and proper lifestyle can help to improve digestion.I have suffered very severe stomach bacterial infection and it took around 6 weeks to get it diagnosed and treated.I had to get hospitalized for […]