Indian bread

Potatoes and peas paratha

Potato paratha / aloo paratha is one of the most popular breakfast or meal dish. Wide number of food joints and restaurants serve aloo paratha in northern parts of india.I’m posting here recipe of potato and peas stuffed paratha.Its winter and markets are loaded with fresh green peas every where, […]

Dal Paratha / Lentils paratha

  Dal / lentil parathas are very  healthy breakfast and many people prefer to start their day by eating this wholesome and protein full parathas with curd. Any dal /lentil from toor / chana / moong dal can be used for making  these parathas. I like this parathas as they […]

Khara puri or kara puri tea time snacks

 Presenting crispy and crunchy type of puri , farsi delicacy ,yes its khara puri. A perfect tea time snacks and  ideal for kids “Choti bhuk (Small hunger food )”.  Khara puri is type of puri( indian bread) which is made using all purpose flour and spices like black peeper and […]

Onion and coriander multigrain paratha or dhapate

If you enter a house early morning and could smell vegetable multigrain parathas or popularly known as dhapate ,then you are in maharashtra. Dhapate is type of roti /paratha made using multi grain flours ,vegetables and spices. It tastes perfect with curd/ raita /home made butter. Its very popular breakfast/ […]

How to make puran poli

Puran poli is very delicious type of roti and its made  more across western part of india .We make puran poli on almost all festivals as a offering to God. It needs much time  and efforts to make perfect melt in mouth sweet roti.Stuffing used in this puran poli is […]

Methi or fenugreek leaves paratha

Parathas are type of breads made with some stuffing in it.Parthas are very popular as its perfect combinations of flours ,vegetables and spices.When children hesitate to eat vegetables ,its good option to make parthas by using vegetables for them.Parathas are usually served with curd or raita(Mixture of selected vegetables/fruits and […]

Cucumber and kaddu Thalipeeth mix flour paratha

Thalipeeth is served as breakfast /brunch.It goes well with onion/cucumber raita, curd or home made butter.Its perfect combination of vegetables ,multi grains and selected spices.  Jowar atta ,wheat atta , chickpeas flour are mainly used for making it. Also moong dal flour, mataki flour can be added in this parath […]

Masala puri

Puri is very famous type of bread across almost all parts of india. Puris are very easy to make and tasty too.It can be used for any meal time in a day.Its favorite breakfast and Lunch box dish for many . By adding extra ingredients in wheat flour many different […]

Dashami sweet roti

Dashmi is one of the many types of roti/bread made across many parts of india. Its quick recipe and  has very good shelf life .It is good to carry for traveling as it stays good for 2- 3 days.Milk is used for making Dashmi dough and it makes it very […]