Indian curry

Chole recipe

Growing children needs proteins in their diet and lentils are great source of protiens. Chickpeas are rich source of protiens so include it in your child’s diet. Chole bhature is to die for combination of foods and it’s extremely popular in India. Spicy chole curry is served with soft and […]

Raw mango takku

It’s summer here again and season of mangoes. Markets are full of variety of mangoes and it’s obvious to try different mango recipes. Raw mango have special place because of its unique tangy taste and cooling property. Mango takku is one such side dish made using grated raw mangoes. I […]

Coconut chutney

For making coconut chutney fresh coconuts are used. Dry coconuts can also be used for making it ,but it tastes good with fresh coconuts only.(Fresh grated coconuts are available at many grocery stores also.) Its must have side dish for south indian delicacies like idli, dosa ,medu wada. Beside health […]

Beetroot and carrot stir fry

Beet  root is rich in Iron, vitamin C and carrots are rich in vitamin A. Eating raw beet root and carrots in your salad regularly has many health benefits ,but sometimes we may get bored by eating normal salads. Thats why for making it more tasty I thought of making […]

Bhogichi bhaji

Bhogichi bhaji is type of curry made specially on festive occasion of bhogi that is previous day of Sankranti.Variety of fresh seasonal vegetables are used in bhogichi bhaji and nuts like sesame and peanuts used to spice it up. It is served with mainly bhakari or bajarichi bhakari and no […]

Mixed vegetables recipe

Including variety of vegetables in diet is good for health.There is nothing like having mixed vegetables gravy as a side dish in your meal. Use variety of seasonal vegetables and make this colorful vegetable curry which goes well with almost any indian bread or rice. When I am lazy for […]

Potato curry

Potato might be most widely cooked vegetable and its popular for taste too.Potatoes are easily available through all seasons and may be that’s the reason its widely used. It makes any dish tasty if added in it. There are numerous versions of potato curry and it is served as a […]

Bitter gourd masala

As a child I hated eating bitter gourd curry and always wondered how people can eat vegetable like bitter gourd. But now as a mother of two children I could see nutritional values of vegetables and importance of including all vegetables in the diet. No doubt my children don’t like […]

Cabbage baby corn curry

Children love variation in their food and so i always make different combination of curries to serve with their roti. Eating same types of curry is boring for children.Baby corn are loved by my kids for their small size and crunchiness.I try to include variety of baby corn recipes in […]

Methi palak paneer

Eating green vegetables is very good for health.When i have bunch of green vegetables in refrigerator came up with making full of greens Methi palak paneer. Slightly bitter taste of fenugreek leaves makes this paneer curry more tasty. Paneer is favorite  of my kids and so I add as much […]

Mirchi ka salan

Every region/ place  has it own special delicacies and hyderabad is extremely famous for it spicy aromatic and flavorful biryani dishes.Authentic biryani dishes wheather its non veg or veg biryanis cooked with special spices are just  bliss  for biryani lovers or foodies.Once I had veg biryani in famous hyderabad restaurant […]

Paneer butter masala

 Panner butter masala is another famous paneer curry and most ordered dish in restaurants. Everyone loves paneer butter masala because of its rich, creamy taste.Paneer/cottage cheese is cooked in spicy , creamy ,flavorful gravy. Paneer butter masala gravy is made using cashew nuts,butter and tomato ,onion puree. The taste of […]