Indian curry

Egg curry or eggs in gravy

 Egg curry is made using simple tomato, onion gravy and eggs. Eggs need to be boiled and then boiled eggs are deep fried or shallow fried for adding in curry.Frying eggs makes it more delicious but if you want this step can be avoided also.Eggs are very healthy using boiled […]

100 th post :Paneer masala curry

Paneer masala is spicy dish made by cooking marinated paneer in tomato ,coconut and onion gravy with selected  spices. It can ebe served well with roti ,naan or plain rice. Paneer (cottage cheese) is such a magic ingredient that any dish made using it is extra delicious.  Prefer fresh paneer […]


Chola /kabuli chana is very popular delicacy in north india and generally served with bhatura (A  type of roti / bread made up from all purpose flour) roti or rice. It goes well with any accompanying dish with it. Chola is used in making , kebabs , pulao ,salads also. […]

Buttermilk Kadhi

 Kadhi  and khichadi is my comfort food and i always make it when i fall sick or don;t want to eat anything else.That slight ginger flavour in tempered buttermilk gives kadhi perfect taste.Its made using buttermilk and there are many different version of recipes.Kadhi is served  as a side dish […]

Matar paneer curry

Mattar panner is very tasty and intersting curry ,made using green peas and cottage cheese.Fresh green peas and paneer is cooked in tomato onion gravy with mild spices powder. Paneer (cottage cheese) is a magic ingredient that any dish made using it is extra delicious.There are many variations of mutter […]

Kadhai baby corn curry

Kadhai baby corn curry is combination of capsicum and fresh baby corns cooked in onion and tomato gravy with some spices. This is perfect accompaniment for roti /paratha/naan. Whenever i have guests at home i cook paneer curries as special dishes.But if in case i don’t have paneer /cottage cheese  […]