Lunch box

Methi or fenugreek leaves paratha

Parathas are type of breads made with some stuffing in it.Parthas are very popular as its perfect combinations of flours ,vegetables and spices.When children hesitate to eat vegetables ,its good option to make parthas by using vegetables for them.Parathas are usually served with curd or raita(Mixture of selected vegetables/fruits and […]

Lemon rice

Lemon rice is most popular dish from south india. Its cooked on almost all festivals as prashadam /naivadyam for offering to God across south india.Tangy taste of lemons make this rice different in taste. Peanuts and lentils are used in tampering while making this rice .I add more cashews and […]

Masala puri

Puri is very famous type of bread across almost all parts of india. Puris are very easy to make and tasty too.It can be used for any meal time in a day.Its favorite breakfast and Lunch box dish for many . By adding extra ingredients in wheat flour many different […]

Semolina pancakes

Pancake is one of the favorite dish of my ย kids. I make sweet as well savory pancakes and todayโ€™s post is about semolina ย savory pancakes. For making it I have used semolina and grated vegetables .I have used carrots ,onions and cabbage, You can use any choice of vegetables for […]