Meal ideas and various recipes

French beans stir fry

  French beans are rich source of vitamin A,C ,B6 and calcium.I used french beans only for making vegetable pulao , as at my place we didn’t get much french beans. I never tried making french beans curry. But now I have started making french beans curry with different recipes.Its […]

Coconut chutney

For making coconut chutney fresh coconuts are used. Dry coconuts can also be used for making it ,but it tastes good with fresh coconuts only.(Fresh grated coconuts are available at many grocery stores also.) Its must have side dish for south indian delicacies like idli, dosa ,medu wada. Beside health […]

Dum aloo

Dum aloo is one of the special curries which i make occasionally or when i have guests at home.Its full of flavors and rich gravy cooked with some spices and baby potatoes.Dum aloo is generally served as a side dish with roti,paratha,naan or rice.   Save Save Save Print Recipe […]

Potatoes and peas paratha

Potato paratha / aloo paratha is one of the most popular breakfast or meal dish. Wide number of food joints and restaurants serve aloo paratha in northern parts of india.I’m posting here recipe of potato and peas stuffed paratha.Its winter and markets are loaded with fresh green peas every where, […]

Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice is one pot meal and can be made with leftover rice. When there is leftover rice and no one wants to eat stale rice this is very good option to make .It’s good option as a one pot meal or breakfast recipe.  Add  any  choice  of  vegetables  […]

Vegetable Pulao -spicy rice

Vegetable Pulao is spicy rice dish cooked with vegetables and spices . Its most cooked rice dish for parties , feasts and functions. Its perfect one pot meal as well, can be served with only any curd raita. Vegetable Pulao is very simple and easy to cook dish. It can […]


Khichadi is extremely popular one pot meal .Its made up of rice ,lentils ,variety of vegetables and selected spices. It tastes yummy and takes very less time and ingredients to cook. I like khichadi and always make it when I feel tired or lazy of cooking complete meal. Any of […]

Egg curry or eggs in gravy

 Egg curry is made using simple tomato, onion gravy and eggs. Eggs need to be boiled and then boiled eggs are deep fried or shallow fried for adding in curry.Frying eggs makes it more delicious but if you want this step can be avoided also.Eggs are very healthy using boiled […]

Onion and coriander multigrain paratha or dhapate

If you enter a house early morning and could smell vegetable multigrain parathas or popularly known as dhapate ,then you are in maharashtra. Dhapate is type of roti /paratha made using multi grain flours ,vegetables and spices. It tastes perfect with curd/ raita /home made butter. Its very popular breakfast/ […]

Tomato rice

  Tomato rice is south indian rice dish . This rice is made using fresh , ripen tomatoes and selected spices which makes it tangy and spicy in taste. Spices used make tomato rice aromatic and tomatoes give it nutritious touch. Its not to be missed one dish meal as […]

How to make puran poli

Puran poli is very delicious type of roti and its made  more across western part of india .We make puran poli on almost all festivals as a offering to God. It needs much time  and efforts to make perfect melt in mouth sweet roti.Stuffing used in this puran poli is […]

Paneer biryani or spicy rice with cottage cheese

Biryani is very famous rice variety cooked with fragrant spices and meat or vegetables.Its perfect one pot meal and served generally along with curd raita and fried onions.Paneer (cottage cheese biryani ) is cooked using type of biryani cooked using marinated paneer and basamati rice(typs of rice).I make biryani as […]