Meal ideas and various recipes


Khichadi is extremely popular one pot meal .Its made up of rice ,lentils ,variety of vegetables and selected spices. It tastes yummy and takes very less time and ingredients to cook. I like khichadi and always make it when I feel tired or lazy of cooking complete meal. Any of […]

Onion and coriander Dhapate- multigrain paratha

If you ask me what’s your favourite breakfast recipe then answer is Dhapate. Being Maharashtrian it’s obvious to be a fan of this multigrain paratha. Dhapate is made using multi-grain flours, vegetables and spices. I often make dhapate for breakfast or brunch. It tastes awesome with curd/ raita /homemade butter.It’s […]


Everyone has comfort foods and Kadhi ,khichadi is my comfort food.Actually I can eat almost everyday and I always make it when i am sick. Kadhi has many versions of recipes and I like kadhi made using buttermilk. Actually when I have more Curd in refrigerator. It’s flavoured with garlic,ginger […]


Hakka noodles

Kids love noodles.I have seen many kids who hesitate to eat meals other than noodles or pasta. I often cook hakka noodles on my kids demand. There are many yummy versions of hakka noodles recipe and nothing can beat perfectly hakka noodles blended with spices and sauce.I am posting simple […]