Happy mother’s day!

It’s another Sunday morning in May and I woke up to read mother’s day wishing messages on WhatsApp. Thanks    to technology which doesn’t let us forget anything and reminds to celebrate every single occasion. I thought, This Sunday‘s special as it’s mother’s day .I started my day with a hope […]

Celebrations in fantastic february

“There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate – Robert brault” It’s absolutely true , if we decide to  celebrate life we can enjoy each and every moment. These  celebrations make life colourful  and give us moments to cherish for lifetime. I enjoy  celebrations […]

Cool tips for summer care

Its summer and atmosphere heat rising every day. More rises in outside temperature can cause sun burns, rashes, dehydration and in worst case make you fall sick. We have to change our lifestyle and diet as per weather. It’s always good to take some precautions for protecting yourself from hot […]

Are you stressed out all the time mommy ?

Being parent is joy and challenge at the same time.And for mommy dear the journey Journey starts from conceiving stage itself.Mommy has many responsibilities from taking care of baby ,feeding  and other household chores.After delivering baby the initial period is difficult as mommy is not used to new routine of  […]

How yoga helped me to better health

How I started practicing  yoga is  another interesting story . I wanted to lose that extra pounds which I put on in pregnancy but Yoga was never on my mind. As I considered it  only for flexible people and not  for me. I never practiced yoga in my life not […]

The most special gift i received ever

It was Thursday and I went to pick up siya from her school bus drop off point as usual. Generally she looks tired after her long school hours when I pick her in the evening, but today scenario was different . She’s very happy and I could see that excitement […]

Friends for life

We meet many people , make friends and some best friends , but  many of them separate from us Some friends  part  away from us  with time , some  with distance,  some with circumstances  like  work , education , family .As Friendship can not be done with everyone , it […]

5 Surprising ways to happiness by art of living

Actually I knew  and heard a lot about Art of living ,Meditation , spirituality ,but  I didn’t have experience of it . I  read about it  and get  impressed by  outstanding health benefits of meditation , but in practice  never tried it. In spirituality section I  say prayer in front […]

Breakfast date for mommy

 The title of this post sounds funny right ? Date ? That too on breakfast ? How’d that possible? Who wants to get ready for the date so early in the morning ? And why would  mommy  wants  to  go on date ? Stop !!stop !!. So many questions flashing […]

The most amazing day of my life

  I have two daughters and both were born healthy babies. When I conceived my second child I was suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).I was having many digestion problems because of prolonged illness .The stomach illness caused weight loss and many nutritional deficiencies as well. Actually I wasn’t in […]