Activity guide for school vacations

During school days children are mostly busy in the studies, home work and other activities .But the real problem starts when there are school vacations and breaks. It is tough task to keep children busy without getting bored. If you have children  older than 5 years then you can relate […]

How to teach children about gender equality

There are many debates on the topic gender equality and people have different opinions about it. We have to show /teach the importance of gender equality to our children from young age. Parents want their children to have right values and early education on it is really helpful. House is […]

Are you a Helicopter parent?

When  I came across the term “Helicopter parenting /cosseter”  , being mommy I had  question  in my mind  “Am I Also the one ?. The answer was not “NO”. Somewhere I felt that It’s my style of parenting. I’m overprotective and over caring mommy just like many other fellow mothers. […]

7 Important money lessons for children

My 3 year daughter demanded  to get money from atm machine to buy her favourite princess doll  in a toys shop. When I refused saying I don’t have  money she shown me atm machine and asked  to get money from this machine. I  tried to  explain her that for getting […]

Teaching children importance of sharing

I like to have get together with friends once a while. It gives me time to meet my friends, fellow moms and also its play date for my children. These get  together becomes fun time for my complete family. Recently i visited my friend Sheena. She invited 2-3 friends and […]

Effective sleeping habits for children

  Children need sound sleep for better development. Lack of sleep /less sleep makes children cranky, tearful and more prone to tantrums. And thus  parents know that  making children sleep when they are cranky is best option.Irregular bedtimes may also be harmful for children and researchers have found that children […]

Useful ways to promote healthy eating habits for children

  By teaching children healthy eating habits parents can help them to maintain very healthy lifestyle when they will grow adults.Nowadays Television and ​entertainment sources bombard variety of junk/fast food via commercials,So it becomes tough task for parents to teach healthy eating to children. Healthy food help  children to maintain […]