More about breastfeeding

We are all aware of how important it is for babies to be breastfed. Breast feeding offers many benefits to your baby as breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients to help your infant grow into a strong and healthy toddler. Some of the nutrients in breast milk also […]

What to eat during pregnancy for fair baby

Diet in pregnancy is very important as baby inside womb needs all nutrients for complete development.What mother eats will directly affect foetus inside. But how your baby looks and her complexion is totally dependent on genetic part of heritance and not at all related with anything else.Though it’s scientifically proved […]

Taking care of mother after birth

Pregnancy is very  important period  for mother and baby in her womb. Women should take care of diet , lifestyle in pregnancy. After delivering baby new mommy gets busy with the new responsibilities and baby. Women  should continue taking  care of her diet and lifestyle after pregnancy also. It helps […]

How i started exercising

I gained significant weight in my second pregnancy and postpartum period. The weight gain continued after delivery as well and that’s alarming situation.There were many things responsible for excess weight like the rich food diet , rest during pregnancy, no physical exercise. For including more nutritious foods in pregnancy my […]

11 Things to avoid in pregnancy

Pregnancy is most important period of women’s life. What mother eats ,drinks and does during pregnancy affects the baby inside. A nutritious diet is directly linked to a higher chance of healthy baby with healthy weight  and reducing the risk of many birth defects.Also it could give developing baby the […]

3 Super foods for increasing breast milk

Mothers may face low breast milk supply problem because of health issues, physical/ mental stress or some other reasons . Newborn baby is totally dependent on breast milk and if it is not sufficient for her then it’s very difficult situation. There are medicines available for increasing breast milk but […]

Effective postnatal diet

First few weeks after delivering baby are important for mother.Proper care taken in this period helps  mother to recover faster and regain original strength.Special confinement diets are followed   from many  generations across different part of world. And these diets have different foods planned for new mommy. These confinement diets are […]

6 Effective tips for Postnatal care

After delivering baby mommy need care and help for taking care of baby as well as herself. Other than prescribed medication , rest balanced diet some extra care tips are helpful. In pregnancy there are some limitation on women’s movements and certain lifestyle changes also. After delivering baby its good […]

What to pack in hospital bag for labor

Welcoming baby is definitely exciting and to be cherished for lifetime moment.Every parent has many plans to welcome their bundle of joy in world.For healthy pregnancy, normal delivery hospital stay is not necessary.As when  baby and mommy doing well they can go back home on same day of delivery. But […]

Eating well in Pregnancy

  Diet is extremely important in pregnancy as baby in mother’s womb is totally dependent on what mommy eats. Make every meal planned for providing all round necessary nutrition.small changes in regular diet also help to provide necessary nutrients. Its better to avoid outside food in this period, as it […]