Product review

Fischer Tip product review

Kids always like to explore different types of activities and when its school holiday time activities are essential to keep them engage.My both kids are interested in art and craft  activities. They like to make variety of things and then collecting accolades by showing to everyone is favorite thing to […]

Mama earth baby products review

I have two kids and I always used renowned brand skin care products for my elder child. When I  started using  same products for my younger one it didn’t work out so well. As every child is different and I noticed my younger one’s skin was getting dry in spite […]

Pampers premium care pants – product review

Recently I started using Pampers premium care pants ( Extra Large Size Diaper Pants) for my baby .For  growing and active toddlers a diaper with more soaking capacity, leak proof sides  is necessary and that’s what it exactly has .Pampers premium care pants has  dryness capacity up to 12 hours. […]