Rice recipe

Veg Fried rice

It’s one pot meal post today -Chinese Fried rice.Any choice vegetables can be added for making rice more nutritious.I adding broccoli,carrots more in fried rice while making it.Adding one egg while making it enhances taste and texture of fried rice .Vegetarian people can avoid this step. Ingredients: ·      Cooked rice […]

Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice is one pot meal and can be made with leftover rice. When there is leftover rice and no one wants to eat stale rice this is very good option to make .It’s good option as a one pot meal or breakfast recipe.  Add  any  choice  of  vegetables  […]

Vegetable Pulao -spicy rice

Vegetable Pulao is spicy rice dish cooked with vegetables and spices . Its most cooked rice dish for parties , feasts and functions. Its perfect one pot meal as well, can be served with only any curd raita. Vegetable Pulao is very simple and easy to cook dish. It can […]

Tomato rice

  Tomato rice is south indian rice dish . This rice is made using fresh , ripen tomatoes and selected spices which makes it tangy and spicy in taste. Spices used make tomato rice aromatic and tomatoes give it nutritious touch. Its not to be missed one dish meal as […]

Paneer biryani or spicy rice with cottage cheese

Biryani is very famous rice variety cooked with fragrant spices and meat or vegetables.Its perfect one pot meal and served generally along with curd raita and fried onions.Paneer (cottage cheese biryani ) is cooked using type of biryani cooked using marinated paneer and basamati rice(typs of rice).I make biryani as […]