Zucchini fritters

Who dosen’t like Fritters /pakode? Yeah it’s such a tempting food that it gets finished quickly on any occasions/gatherings/celebrations. Fritters / pakode is must and best accompaniment with tea in rains. Tea and pakoda is the best combo to enjoy when it rains.Presenting zucchini fritters to enjoy along with hot […]

Instant garlic bread sticks

Instant garlic bread is easy way of making garlic breads  using breads in few minutes. For making authentic italian yummy garlic breads baking is necessary. But when want to make garlic breads without baking then this is easy way to make it.No kneading , no baking necessary for making this […]

Cheese bombs

Cheese bombs is something interesting to try out for kids.Its having cheese as a hidden treat inside it.Calcium requirement of growing children is very high ,so meet this requirement dairy products are good options.Using dairy products in regular diet of children like cheese,paneer,curd are good options. Cheese bombs can be […]

Chili paneer

Chili paneer is  indo chinese recipe and mostly served as a starter. It can be serves as a special snacks too. It is made using capsicum /bell pepper and cottage cheese mainly. The soya  sauce used for making it gives chili paneer that tangy and taste along with spicy capsicums […]

Dhokala or savory chickpeas cake

Dhokala is very popular gujarati delicacy  which is served mostly as a breakfast or snacks.Dhokala has become more popular  everywhere as  it  needs very less oil for making it.I often make dhokala for breakfast and serve with tamrind date chutney.It can be served with any choice of chutney or tomato […]


  Appe /paniyaram are very popular  south  Indian snacks  and many versions of recipes are used for making it. For making appe special  pan  is required and it  can be sweet or savoury.My kids enjoy eating appe and I make it often with different ingredients.I always refer savoury version as […]

Semolina pancakes

Pancake is one of the favorite dish of my  kids. I make sweet as well savory pancakes and today’s post is about semolina  savory pancakes. For making it I have used semolina and grated vegetables .I have used carrots ,onions and cabbage, You can use any choice of vegetables for […]

Spinach tomato soup

   Spinach tomato soup is tasty and healthy soup. Spinach and tomatoes are rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium.This soup makes very good snacks or small meal for young baby/ toddlers. Give this soup when kids have cold and cough it works as perfect home remedy ,as […]