Information about toddler care

How to choose preschool for your child

Preschool is the place where children of the same age can mingle, play and learn together. It’s important for a child to socialize with same age children and enjoy constructive play time at school. Finding perfect preschool which meets your all expectations is difficult. Recently I had to choose a […]

Hand foot and mouth disease ( HFMD )

While enrolling Sara to playschool this year I hardly knew about dreadful Hand foot mouth disease. I heard about Hand foot mouth disease(  HFMD ) earlier and knew how easily it spreads in schools, kindergartens, and daycares in Singapore. Sara was very keen to mingle with her age kids and […]

picky eater

Healthy eating tips for picky eaters

Many kids are picky eaters and they avoid eating or do not like to eat food for some or other reason. Because of poor eating habits, kids may suffer vitamin and nutrition deficiency. These deficiencies in growing period can affect their physical growth, learning ability as well as behavior.It is […]

How to handle child’s tantrums

Misha is a 4-year-old sweet, charming little girl. She is very intelligent and grasps everything very easily. She is a good listener and an obedient child as well. Misha’s parents are very happy as they are having Misha as their darling angel. As Misha was growing when and where she […]

Activities for toddler

Fantastic four activities for toddlers

  Toddlers want to play all the time and keeping them busy with toys, activities  is important. Also toddlers are more prone to accidents and thus we can’t leave them on their own. Adult supervision is always necessary for toddlers till they grow up to understand risks. Avoid giving these […]