Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with DIY Rakhi

DIY Rakhi
DIY Rakhi

Today is Rasha bandhan  a festival which celebrates bond of love between brother and sister. On this day sisters tie Rakhi / ceremonial thread / sacred thread on brother’s  wrist and pray for his prosperity .And brother give gifts to sister with a promise to protect her throughout life. Rakhi is sacred thread which symbolize  love and its important sacred thread used for celebrations.Rakhis are available in the market or can be made at home.

This year my kids wanted to celebrate Raksha  bandhan with their friends and thus wanted many rakhis. I searched nearby markets but I couldn’t get Rakhi for children. Actually there is one Indian market where we can get all stuff but it’s quite far from my house . So finally I decided to go for DIY rakhi at home. I checked few DIY videos and bought required things from the nearby market  for making rakhi.

Siya asked me “Are you serious Mumma ? Can Rakhi be made at home? ”

I replied “Why not?  you make so many art things at home as an art and craft project. Then why can’t we make rakhi as a similar art and craft school project.”

Then she nodded her head and sat down with me to get instructions about rakhi making. There are number of ways to make rakhi. With lots of trial and error we made simple and cool rakhi at home. It’s not at all difficult but then younger one demanded for fancy rakhis .For making it we used ready made bow sticks for sticking on satin ribbon. We made few fancy Rakhis and this was the fun thing for children. Here is the procedure for making simple Rakhi at home.

Things required to make DIY rakhi  at home :

Satin ribbon

Beads sticker


Colour paper


Bow with stickers


Things required for DIY Rakhi
DIY Rakhi


  1. Draw small flowers of any preferred shape on colour paper and cut using scissor.
  2. For decoration stick beads or glitter stickers at the centre of flower or wherever required.
  3. Cut satin ribbon of any required length.
  4. Stick this flower at the centre of satin ribbon.
  5. For making fancy rakhi stick ready made bow at the center of satin ribbon and decorate with beads sticker.
  6. Easy  and beautiful DIY Rakhi is ready to tie on brother’s wrist.
DIY Rakhi
DIY Rakhi

Try making beautiful DIY  rakhi  at home this Raksha Bandhan  festival and make it memorable for you and your kids.It will be exciting activity for your kids to learn rakhi making and  It will save your few bucks  as well.On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan variety of lip smacking dishes and desserts made.For making  delicious desserts at home please check following link.


Wish you all Happy Raksha bandhan and festive season.






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