Cloudnine hospital’s pregnancy fiesta at pune

Pregnancy fiesta
Pregnancy fiesta

Hello Mommies-to-be,

Pregnancy is the most important period in a woman’s life and she should get the best care in pregnancy and delivery. If you are a mom-to-be and looking for the best healthcare facility for you and your baby then here is the good news for your good news!!!  India leading chain of maternity hospitals – Cloudnine has come up with a Pregnancy Fiesta this week. Please check more about it below.

About Cloudnine

Cloudnine is a leading chain of maternity, childcare and fertility hospitals. It specializes in services such as comprehensive maternity services with full antenatal and postnatal care, preferred or medically-required delivery options, gynaecological services for women of all ages, paediatric care, critical case management, minimally invasive surgeries, fertility services, and stem cell banking to name a few!

A pregnant woman receives services of lactation counsellors, Lamaze therapists, and nutritionists set in facilities that offer 4D scans, and foetal anomaly studies. Cloudnine Hospitals provides specialized foetal medicine units to monitor high risk pregnancies by focusing on the special needs of the baby and performing interventions, if needed, whilst in the womb. Cloudnine Hospitals’ paediatric care involves a team of experts across dermatology, neurology, cardiology and developmental paediatrics.


Pregnancy fiesta
Pregnancy fiesta

About Cloudnine’s Pregnancy Fiesta

Cloudnine’s Pregnancy fiesta is going to be one of a kind carnival held especially for going to be mommas!  And it’s for the dads as well! So do join Cloudnine’s Pregnancy fiesta, for a day full of fun activities and informative sessions with Doctors.

Also, it has much more:

  1. 6 free deliveries to be won.
  2. 10 “It’s our baby programs” to be won.
  3. 5000 (INR) to be won delivery packages for all participants.
  4. A lot of games and events for the fun-filled day.

And it’s absolutely free for all, so what are you waiting for mommies & Daddies? Hurry up and register your seat for the event.More details about the wonderful event are as follows.

Where is it (Location): Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

When is the fiesta (Time)  : 10:30 am, 28-oct-2017, Saturday

Entry fee: Hurray! It’s free for all !!

Where to register (Here):

Click here For more information about Cloudnine Hospitals.

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