Creative ideas to frame your pictures and create your own personalized wall décor

Getting your pictures framed here in Singapore can be quite a task, and this can be quite disheartening if you’re like me and you adore customized art! When you’re caught between a nine-to-five or in some cases a nine-to-nine, home décor is hardly your biggest concern, especially when it seems like such a daunting task to get some made. But, if you know where to go – it barely takes up any of your time and is actually quite easy to access.

The great thing about creating your own personalized décor is that in addition to adding a lot to the visual aesthetic of your home it also makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Just having a fond memory to glance at every now and then can keep you feeling positive by adding a positive aura around you! So, whether you’re really busy or just a little bit lazy, I say go all out and add a little something to your home.

Now the options for home décor are countless, but I’ve highlighted a few of my personal favourites to help you out if you find yourself strung for ideas! Feel free to mix and match and do what seems best for you and your home! After all, décor is all about what makes you feel good.

Add an artsy feel to your home with canvas prints

Ideal for: Landscapes, portraits

This is an especially great idea for travelers or just people who enjoy heading over to beautiful places. For solid prints that actually capture the essence of the picturesque scenes – canvas is a great way to go. This also works really well if you’re someone who likes to keep things simple or are a fan of the more minimalist interior design. A single canvas print on an otherwise bare wall makes for a very classy living space.

If this is the route you choose, be sure to choose your picture in accordance with the colors of the walls and make sure you select an appropriate size for your placement. The larger the print,  the better your resolution will have to be, but believe me – when done right, canvas prints are an absolute beauty!

Pretty pictures in pretty frames

Ideal for: Portraits, group photographs

A timeless classic – a framed picture. If you want to instantly add a bit of charm to your home, this is the easiest way to do it. Just pick out some pictures that you hold dear to (and would love to see a lot of!) and get them framed. If you intend to highlight the picture – a simple black frame looks really crisp and classy. Of course, if you’re looking for a more elaborately designed frame you will have to choose one that matches the style of your photograph.

For a more elegant effect, you could check out some intricate metallic designs that would help give your picture and your home a more vintage look. If your tastes tend towards a more rustic appearance you could try out wooden frames, carved or handmade frames and for those of you feeling particularly adventurous – a water frame!

Most good framing services will provide you with the option of framing single photographs or opting for a grid pattern. If you’ve got a big family whom you love and adore you could also invest in a quaint family tree style design.

Set up a wall gallery

Ideal for: Assorted pictures, portraits, landscapes

This one is a particularly good choice for people with bare white or solid colored walls! The effect of a wall gallery is quite extraordinary to look at, especially if you’ve chosen contrasting colors against the surface. Essentially there are two ways to go about this – one being the fragmented picture and the other being a themed collection.

The fragmented picture is a simple but effective way to draw attention to the photograph. It’s a bunch of pictures separated by narrow gaps in between them that actually add up to a bigger picture – sort of like a square cut puzzle. This is absolutely brilliant if you want to highlight a picture or the colors specific expressed in a particular picture in a more spectacular yet simplistic way.

The collage style or the themed collection is exactly what it sounds like – a themed assortment of pictures set in a particular pattern along your wall. Maybe you want to document the journey of your newborn baby or your child’s graduation. Now if you’ve got tons of pretty pictures and are really spoilt for choice – this is great for you! Who says you can’t have ‘em all, right? Turn your living room into a zone of absolute comfort by creating your own personalized art gallery!

Mounted photo prints for big changes with minimal effort!
Ideal for: High-resolution photographs, portraits, couple portraits

Customized mounted prints are amazing for those of you who are looking to highlight big memories and large gestures. I find them the ideal way to represent moments like weddings, family portraits or a beloved family pet in a bigger way. They are generally quite large and work well in medium-sized to bigger spaces. Since they are usually a little bigger than conventional décor, a single mounted print is usually all the personalization you need in a single room.

For a smaller production, you can also give its cooler, younger cousin a try – mounted table print, that you could use on your bedside table or pretty much anywhere around the house!

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