How to take balanced diet in pregnancy

Pregnancy diet

Pregnancy is the most important period in women’s life.Women need to take care of their lifestyle and diet in pregnancy. As baby in mother’s womb is totally dependent on mommy. Healthy mother can give birth to healthy child ,so start taking care of yourself.If you are pregnanct plan your diet and lifestyle with your doctor’s suggestions.Small changes in regular diet also help to provide necessary nutrients. Make every meal planned for getting all-round and necessary nutritions. It’s better to avoid outside food in this period, as it may have artificial colours, additives, preservatives and excess salt which is harmful for mommy as well as baby inside her womb.Haveyour meals on time and don’t forget to take the health suppliments.

Use following tips to make balanced diet in pregnancy


As vegetables are rich source of vitamins it’s very important to eat maximum vegetables while pregnant. If you find eating vegetables boring, then include them in other dishes like rice,soups,salad, stir fry.
How to do:

1.Saute vegetables and sprinkle spices on it. Include all seasonal vegetables in your diet.

2. Daily take a bowl of vegetable soups in your meal.
3. Make interesting colourful vegetable smoothies like carrot apple smoothie, spinach smoothie for snacks time.
3. Include more green leafy vegetables in regular meals. As green leafy vegetables are rich source of iron, folic acid which is important for pregnant women.
4. Use vegetables for making parathas/puri /bread, vegetables pakoras /fritters like cabbage fritters, onion fritters, spinach / fenugreek fritters.

5.When feeling hungry in between meal times eat vegetable salads made using cucumber, tomato, carrots, beet root, and cabbage as snacks.

#2. Rice

Rice is easy to digest and gives instant energy .Rice cooked with fruits, vegetables is great one dish meals and easy to cook. Interesting ways of cooking variety of rice dishes for pregnant women:
How to Do:
1.Include vegetables for making variety of one pot meal rice dishes like vegetable pulao, tomato rice, spinach rice, lemon rice, mutter rice, biryani, and onion rice.
2. Make rice with fruits like pineapple rice, raw mango rice.
3. Make rice desert to indulge. Use dry fruits also for making deserts like rice kheer, Paniyarams.
4. Use fermented foods like dose, idly, appam which are made using rice and lentils. Also fermented food has good bacteria which help for better digestion.
5 Cook meat and rice dishes like chicken biryani, fish biryani and with eggs Egg fried rice, egg biryani.

#3.  Bread/ chapati

Roti is one of the main foods in regular meals for many people. For making roti more nutritious use some extra tips and enjoy eating roti in your daily meal.
How to do:
1. while making wheat flour / Atta add fenugreek seeds powder, flax seeds powder in Atta /wheat flour. (In 5 kg of Atta /flour only handful of fenugreek seeds and handful of flax seeds are sufficient) Fenugreek seeds are rich source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre these seeds aid in digestion and help to boost milk supply of nursing mother.
2. Apply ghee on roti /bread while roasting rotis.Ghee helps for better digestion of pregnant women.
3. Make variations in roti like parathas /puri by stuffing vegetables (like any of the following veggie from potato, fenugreek leaves, mutter, flower, cabbage).
4. Use whole wheat bread instead of using while bread. If baking cakes use wheat flour instead of Maida (All-purpose flour). Wheat flour cakes too are super delicious.

#4. Desserts

If you sugar cravings in your pregnancy, don’t worry and have your desserts. Don’t go for loads of sugar coated desserts, Instead make sure to have healthy, guilt free desserts/ snacks. Whenever you feel hungry or have a sugar craving grab this following sweet snacks which are loaded with nutrition goodness.

How to do:
1.Make nutritious desert at home like bottle guard halawa, moong dal halawa, almond halawa, rice kheer, carrots halawa, semolina halawa.
2. Make sweet snacks like dry fruits ladoo, dry fruits barfi, nachaniladoo, sesame ladoo, ram ladoo.

#5. Milk and dairy

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium for body and also provides vitamin d and protein. Including sufficient milk helps in secretion of breast milk as well. Let’s see how to include more milk in your diet in following ways.
How to do:

1.Try to drink at least a cup of milk twice daily. Add 2 to 3 saffron strands and shatawari kalp (Ayurveda medicine) or any doctor prescribed protein powder in it.
2. Include more milk deserts like kheers, sheera.
3. Use milk for making roti. Add milk instead of adding water for making dough of roti.


Fruits are rich in vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals. Pregnant women should eat more fruits for getting all nutrients.
How to do:
1.Eat more fruit plate, fruits smoothie/ juice, fruits salad.
2. Make desserts using fruits like apple halawa, mango firani,strawberry milk shake .
3. Bake fruit cakes like strawberry cake, mango cake, and banana cake.

#7. Lentils

Lentils are good source of protein and calcium. It is extremely important to include necessary protein in diet when you are pregnant. For vegetarian people lentils are good option for having proteins. Let’s see  few ways to eat more lentils.
How to do:
1.Eating daily 1 bowl of soaked and cooked lentil with rice helps to provide required proteins in pregnancy.
2. Make lentils fritters like Moong dal/ Chana dal pakode, Medu wada.
3. Eat sprouts, sprouts chat made using lentils.

4.Have lentil soup with rice in your daily meal.

#8. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are rich source of vitamins A, E, fat, antioxidants, iron. Pregnant women need more folic acid and dry fruits are rich in it.So It’s good to eat dry fruits  during pregnancy.
How to do:
1.Eating early morning 2 figs, 2 dates ,5 almond soaked in water overnight, peeled, 1 tea spoon of Raisins helps to provide necessary vital nutrients to mother and baby.
2. Use dry fruits bar, dry fruits ladoo as a sweet snacks for your small hunger pangs.

3.Sprinkle dry fruits, raisins on your cereals, fruit salad and puddings.

Wish you happy and healthy pregnancy.If you have any tips,suggestions please provide it in the following comments box.









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