The most effective hair treatment : Review of Bee choo origin

Hair is nothing but the crown of a woman’s beauty and it should care properly. But we forget to take out time from our routine to take care of hairs. What if we get professional help to take care of our help? When I received an invite from bee choo origin for their renowned hair treatment, I was elated. I wanted to try their herbal hair treatments since long. It offers herbal and effective hair treatments at affordable prices for all hair problems. As we know herbal beauty products are getting popular world because of effectiveness. Their treatment is 100% herbal and it’s by using products, made up of natural ingredients. (so you don’t need to worry about the side effects of chemicals). I am happy to get a chance to experience their herbal hair-loss treatment.In this post, I’m going to talk about my experience with it.

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About Bee Choo origin :

It doesn’t need any introduction. It is a popular choice for people as it offers effective hair care at affordable rates. Established in 2000,  they have  7 outlets in Singapore. Over the years, it has earned the trust of customers through the special herbal recipe that yields effective and satisfactory results. It provides an effective solution in solving various hair and scalp issue.

Certified with TQCSI ISO 9001:2015 certification and TQCSI Good Manufacturing Practice Certification, their Herbal Hair Treatment surpassed the stringent criteria of ISO standards and good manufacturing practices demonstrate consistent ability to enhance customer satisfaction with assurance to deliver quality service.

My experience at bee choo Origin

They provide effective and affordable hair care services for following hair problems-

  • Hair Loss
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Oily Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • White/Grey Hair
  • Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

They do hair scans to check the hair condition and then suggest a number of seating’s required to address the problem.

More about the session:

Duration: 2 hours

I reached at 9 a.m. early in the morning to have my first hair care treatment. The staff offered me a warm welcome. To my surprise, it was already crowded early in the morning as well.  After waiting for few minutes the hair consultant checked my scalp and hair. It was disheartening to see my hair roots have become weak because of the roots blockage. I stated her about my problem- hair loss. The consultant suggested many  Do’s and Dont’s to hair-care and how to avoid hair loss. And after having scan we started with the actual treatment. The first step was head massage by ginger tonic which activates the scalp. It was extremely relaxing to get the head massage with it.

Massaging helps to release stress and boost blood flow to roots of the hair. it strengthens the hair root and stops hair fall. The second step in the treatment was applying herbal paste. The herbal paste is made up of various medicinal herbs, carefully selected and processed. Then the lady applied an herbal paste made up of ingredients like ginseng roots, He Shou Wu, Chuan Xiong, Ling Zhi, etc.  It smelled fantastic as it has natural ingredients, unlike the chemical vapors. Then we headed towards our next step- taking steam. I sat down and took steam using a steamer. Approximately 45 minutes of steam on my paste coated hairs. It felt warm and comfortable. Every step was done with extra care and I liked the way she explained to me about every step and its importance. Finally, I got another soothing hair wash using herbal shampoo. The lady carefully washed the hairs and scalp. My scalp looked clean and clear dirt removed by using it. I touched my hair and couldn’t believe it can be so soft like silk. The herbal paste moisturizes hairs and reduces frizz, leaving hair soft, smooth and manageable.

bee choo origin

Then I  got another hair scan by their expert and it was amazing to see the clean scalp and oil-free hairs. just state your problem to their hair consultant and she will suggest you the number of seating necessary to resolve your problem. My experience was amazing and whole session was so revitalizing for me. It gave me the perfect self-care break from my routine. I felt relaxed and rekindled after the first session of hair treatment.

The staff is caring and took care of all my needs. They helped me to connect with the store Wi-Fi,  served a hot cup of tea and magazines. I was exploring the various products at Bee choo origin and came across their travel kit. It has four effective products which will help you to care your hairs.

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Do I recommend it:

They provide effective and herbal hair treatment at affordable prices. After recommended seating of treatment, your hairs will definitely show results. I recommend it to get the beautiful, shiny and frizz-free tresses. And another important thing, I liked about them is, they have affordable prices.The price of treatment varies with length of the hair. If you are looking to revitalize your hair and scalp visit bee choo origin.

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