English word game ideas for children

English Word games
English Word games

It was a play date for my children with their school friends. After playing all sort of games and toys they got bored. So to keep them engaged we played few interesting English word games. Children enjoyed playing these simple games and since then we are playing it regularly.

Generally, when we can’t go out to the playground in the evening, we play these English word games at home. It is helpful for improving vocabulary skills as children have to memorize and write correct words.My daughter likes to play these word games and so do I. It’s challenging and many time I find difficult to find words as per the game.There are many games available on the market, but kids get bored with everything after some time. For playing word games you don’t need to buy anything. Just take paper and pencil and start playing with your child.

Following are few advantages of playing English word games:

1.It’s very good exercise for memory.

2.Writing words help to memorize the words.

3.Children learn correct spellings of words.

4.Increase English vocabulary.

5.Most important children get engaged for a while.

6.As nothing required playing these games you can play it anywhere, anytime with just only pen and paper.

How to do:

  1. Use a timer to check correct interval of time.
  2. Ask children to write down the words with correct spelling as per game.                                                             3. The winner is the child who writes the most number of correct words.

Following are some examples of English word games which you can play with your children; you can make your own combinations of such games. Once your child is very comfortable in this games, increase the level of complexity and frame difficult games. You can play this games with older children as well.

1.Foodie’s fiesta:

Children have to write words related to food .E.g. Peanut, milk, coffee, butter, bread, chocolate, cream, nutrition, plate, glass, sandwich, fruits, banana, cucumber, chili, peanuts, tasty etc.

2.Let’s be Sporty

Children have to write words related to sports, games. E.g. Cricket, Batsman, tennis, ace, bowling, throw, game, match, ground, catch etc.

3.Study time

Children have to write words related to studies and academics. E.g. School, class, student, examination, assessment, result, marks, science, language, measurements etc.

4.Words having ‘ck’ as a part

Children have to write words having ck in it.E.g.Back, pack, sack, mock, rock, rack, clock, sack etc.

5.Words having double letters

Children have to write words having double letters in it.E.g.Cook, book, wool, keep, teeth, tooth, cool, meet, feed, vacuum, ball, tall, mall, fall etc.

6.Objects used for cleaning

Children have to write words used for cleaning activities. E.g.Disinfectant, mop, sweeping, wash, dust, bin, brush, soap, liquid, foam etc.

7.’Br’ blend words

Children have to write down ‘br blend ‘words for playing this game. E.g. Brown, brick, brush, brat, broom, bread, brat, browse, Bride etc.

8.’Cr’ blend words

Children have to write down ‘cr blend ‘words for playing this game. E.g.Credit, crayon, cry, crush, cruel, Crash, Crown, Crowell etc.

9.Words which end with ‘E’

Children have to write down words which start with letter E.E.g. File, bike, wide, side, bride, cake, bake, make, lake, tire, wire, tie, lie etc.

10.Words starting with ‘Q’

Children have to write down words which start with letter Q.E.g. Queen, quite, quilt, quarrel, quill, qualify, Quick, quit etc.

11.Healthy ‘me’

Children have to write down words about health.In this way, they will know words which are related to health. E.g. Nutrition, weight, body, height, vitamins, minerals, proteins, immunity, hydration, sick, infection, syrup, carbohydrates, fats etc.

This was about English word games.Try playing it with your children and please provide your feedback in comments section.


Above mentioned  English word games are for children aged 7-8-year-old.Frame difficult games for older children.


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