The most essential vitamin for health- Vitamin E

It’s about the time when I delivered my second child 3 years ago. I was on cloud nine to hold my second bundle of joy. She was healthy baby and we got discharged from the hospital on 5th day.  Initial few days I preferred taking full rest as it was caesarean delivery for me. After that the daily routine started, I started doing household chorus and dropping my elder daughter to school. Surprisingly I got exhausted after doing few things. I considered it as postpartum fatigue and ignored. But it started getting worst.  It wasn’t the case before pregnancy. I was having absolutely smooth and normal pregnancy and delivery. I was taking all prescribed supplements by doctor as well. But I exhaustion spells continues and it followed with legs, body pain as well. This is when I decided to visit a doctor. After consultation my doctor prescribed me with Vitamin E supplements- Evion. Also she asked me to include vitamin E rich foods in diet.


I started taking vitamin ‘E’ rich foods like almonds, spinach and olive oil daily.   I included following things like spinach paratha, avocado smoothies, soaked almonds desserts like almonds halawa. For unlocking nutrients almonds need to be soaked in water over night. Over the period of time exhaustion spell disappeared and I started feeling more energetic. Thanks to Evion vitamin ‘ E’ supplements. Now I make sure to have this Evion essentials vitamin Supplements regularly.

Balanced diet is key to healthy body and mind, so always make sure to include all necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet. And this essential vitamin – E  helps to increase immunity, improve vision, balanced cholesterol, Nourishes skin and beautiful shiny glow as well.  Foods which are rich in vitamin E are spinach, sweet potato, wheat germ , sunflower seeds, almonds, avocadoes, olive oil. So have this  foods  and also  have vitamin E supplements. Be fit, be healthy and happy with vitamin E!!

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