Every time I open my eyes,I want to see her

short story

I woke up to loud noise, the curtains of my room were already opened by someone. The flower vase was decorated with the fresh flowers and I could smell the fragrance spread in the room. The paper frame on the glass table shown, Friday 9th June. Everything was the same but still strange and new for me. Then I looked out of my window, to see the road, speeding vehicles, running people, shops, trees. Then suddenly I saw her, She was carrying the two big white bags in her hands. Probably I was looking for her only and now pleased to see her. I got down from the bed and went near the window, to see her one more time.

I was exhilarated to see her, but She was accompanied by a man. I never saw him before. After a few minutes both of them entered the room, Now he was holding the two big white bags which I saw in her hands. I looked at the man carefully to check, who he is?. His eyes were moist and he sat down on the floor. (I checked my own eyes, if they are also wet, but found my eyes dry) .She kept the bags in the room and smiled at me. She was searching for something on the table. There was a silence for a few minutes in the room and an old lady entered the room. She comes often and sometimes takes me out. I went out of the room and looked back to check for her. I expected her to accompany me, but she didn’t turn up. After a long time, I returned to the room with a hope to see her for one more time. There was none inside and it made me more anxious. I feel breathless when I don’t see her around. I searched for her everywhere but couldn’t find. I lied on the bed in despair and found the same man entering. But he was alone and she didn’t come with him this time. I wish, she would have also come.

The man asked me,
” How are you, today? ”
I stared at him. He looked normal now(His eyes were dry lime mine) and smiled at me.
“Did you have your food?”
I nodded yes.
While leaving the room he said, “God bless you!”
As usual, I couldn’t get the meaning of the words.

When I fell asleep, couldn’t realise, but woke up with another bang on the door. Every time I  wake up, Check around to find links in between the things, people and places. I see many people around me every day and they all stranger to me. Some of them smile at me and I smile back. I walk around and check Where I am? What’s the name of the place, and where is it? But I can’t find anything. This time it was a familiar man, who too visits me often. I again searched for her and found, she was seated with papers in her hand. Now her eyes were moist too and she looked sad. I wanted to talk to her and tell her many things. I wanted her to be my side always and how much scare, I get when she is not around. I don’t like to see the tear in her eyes and want to see her happy. But I don’t know how to say it. She was standing beside me and then he checked all the white strips on my body. (He does it every time he visits me.) I sat down and I rubbed my eyes to see him more clearly.

“Bang on boy!! How are you today? ”
I simply nodded.
He continued,” Speed is the killer and it’s the reason behind all your pain.Along with you, they are also suffering.And these sufferings don’t have a full-stop. When will you guys understand this fact? ”
I was staring at him while he wrote something on the paper. He handed over the paper to her and stated many things. Most of the words were new to me. Every time I hear words, but don’t understand the meaning, links.
“Fast!! Fast!! Faster!! ”
I remembered these words, I know these words, I heard it, I said it I wanted to know the meaning of words, why do they are familiar to me? But all in vain. .. But the pain in my head couldn’t let me recall more. He asked me to calm down and lie down immediately.

By this time she was crying inconsolably and pleading with the man. As usual, I couldn’t get the reason behind it. It really sucks and I feel helpless. The man left the room and she went behind him till the door and talked for some more time with him. The pain got aggravated with every passing moment. I lied down again and I kept on thinking about the words just now I heard.  I try to find the answers, clues, links but I can’t. whenever I closed my eyes I could see her. I know that only she could answer all my questions.

I slept for one more time, to wake up again and to see her. Every time I open my eyes, I want to see her.

Now here we are -It’s the story of a boy who is in his teens. He met with an accident while going to college. He was speeding his vehicle when the truck hit him from the front side. He has lost his memory in the fatal accident and unable to recognise anyone around him. He has been operated after the accident and now taking treatment in the hospital. It’s his room in the hospital and the people around him are the staff of the hospital. Though he couldn’t remember anything, anyone including his family members, he recognises his mother. In spite of the memory loss and wounds on his body, he smiles after seeing his mother. His pain vanishes when he sees his mother. He feels uncomfortable to see tears in his mother’s eyes. It’s absolutely true that-  ” There’s nothing as powerful as mother’s love.” And this post is dedicated to all the mothers in the world.

A story of an angel who visits us every evening

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  1. Very touching one 🙂 Rupali. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s a touching story, but with a caution of advice, that speed kills.


  3. I was glued to the post till the end wondering if they are husband and wife 🙂 I found this post, heart-warming. No one could ever replace parents especially a mother.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  4. Interesting story, I kept wondering who the protagonist is.
    A story with a message. well done

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