My Fantastic 5 Parenting Mantras #Momology


Parenting is the beautiful journey and it transforms you to completely different person. I would say, it was great learning at every stage of my kid’s growth. Actually, every child is different and both my kids are the total opposite of each other, so I have to use two different parenting styles in their upbringing. Over the period of the last 9 years, I have evolved as a person as a mother in a fantastic way and I’m grateful to my kids for this transition.

Parenting needs lots of patience, strength, positive attitude as there are many times when you get exhausted, depressed, tensed, irritated, helpless, sad. But, remember one thing, it’s for a while and shall pass soon.  You can make your journey more delightful with some tricks and tips for sure. I have a secret set of mantras for parenting and it has helped me always. Believe me, it works like a magic and I feel like supermom.

My fantastic 5 parenting mantras :

1. Tell stories

I convey my message through stories to them most of the time. If I want to teach anything to my kids I make it in a story form and then I tell it to my girls. For example, if I want my girl to learn anything new, I weave a story and tell it to her.  They ask me a question about the story and promise to take a lesson from it as well. Listening story is fun and also they learn a lesson from it. So it’s like killing two birds in one stone.  Today is my storytelling session day and the topic is  ” Importance of completing homework on time.”

2.Afternoon nap with kids

I take nap with both the kids on every weekend and public holiday(read it – as and when possible). It’s a  must ritual for all of us. All three of us are on toes for the complete week as they have their school, activity classes, playground time and studies. And thus we have reserved our weekend afternoons for only relaxing and resting.  This afternoon nap helps us to get refreshed and ready for the new week.

3.Tricky meals

It sounds really funny, but it’s the fact. I cook tricky meals – which have vegetables and fruits mostly. It has vegetables stuffed parathas, patties, sandwiches, vegetable rice. Unknowingly kids finish their meals and get their nutrition as well. And we have desserts made using, topped with only and only fruits. It not only provides complete nutrition to kids but also saves my cooking efforts.

4. Hugging kids tightly

Most of the time when we go out my younger daughter throws worst tantrums. The tantrum might be for anything, anywhere and she cries in loudest possible pitch.  Sometimes she cries because of hunger, fatigue, thirst but most of the time it is forgetting something from the market. I hug her tightly and try to calm her. I used this same mantra for my elder one until she got 5 years old. Thankfully she stopped her tantrums after that.


My kids follow my actions most of the time. So I have taken advantage of this thing and started doing things which I want them to do. Like I read books with them, eat with them, play with them and most important I don’t give time to any kind of screen. They imitate me and do these things but still love to watch cartoons. I wish to control it.

So, it was all about my magic parenting mantras. I’m sure every mom has her own parenting mantras. What are yours?

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  1. I need to learn to take afternoon naps. I am very at taking naps. My elder one doesn’t take one but my son still needs one night. So me and my daughter utilizes this time to do something together while my son sleeps.

  2. Lovely points and I agree that it is very important to follow kid friendly tricks to enjoy with them. the power of storytelling is amazing and I had used it so much with my girls when they were young. story telling helps a lot in teaching good stuffs to our kids and the best part is that kids loved it so much. #Momology

  3. afternoon naps are a must in my home too. some moms ask me how i do it, but as u said – its a ritual at our home and essential. nice post. #Momology @clanpedia

  4. So relatable and a true moms story. I just love malting tricky meal too

  5. I follow all the points mostly and love the tight hugs and the nap time too 🙂

  6. I love the idea of joint afternoon naps. I am going to try this.

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