How to help Multitasking mommy

5.45 am in the clock and alarm rang!! Neha was in her deep sleep and struggled hard to open her eyes. Yesterday she came late from the office and slept around  12 a.m. She woke up and headed straight to the kitchen. While packing lunch boxes, school bags, water bottles she didn’t even realize it was already 9.30a.m. She dropped both the kids at daycare and school and reached her office. As it was already late she decided to have a cup of coffee and toast as a quick breakfast. While sipping coffee she started checking emails and assignments for the day. By the time she finished her morning assignments it was 3 p.m.  Neha locked her monitor and picked up the purse to head towards canteen for lunch. She felt little giddy and considered it due to hunger pang. This wasn’t the first time she had experienced dizzy spell, it’s quite a long time that she was facing health issues but she was ignorant.    Neha used to skip her lunch many times just to complete the work on time. The phone biped and shown 13 messages from her sister. She clearly understood it’s something serious which lead to getting her these many messages. While eating her lunch, she checked and replied to all messages and set a reminder for upcoming parent-teacher meetings at her elder daughter’s school.

She finished her work and caught the metro back to her home. by the time she reached the daycare, it was too late and everyone else left except her younger daughter Tina. Tine was red by crying and the caregiver was looking irked. Neha tried to console Tina and promised to return early from work every day. Without changing her office attire she started preparing dinner as both the kids were hungry. By the time Neev returned back from office, kids finished their dinner. Neha served dinner and both ate had it without even eye contact. Neev was paying the electricity bill and Neha answered her boss’s emails. While kids watched their favorite cartoons, she finished cleaning the kitchen and switched on the washing machine. Quickly prepared for next day lunch boxes and then set the house. By the time she could breathe the clock was showing  11 p.m. Kids wanted to tell her about their day at school but she was dead tired and wanted to hit the bed. The guilt of not spending enough time with kids, not having a discussion with the husband didn’t let her sleep. She kept on thinking- I have a perfect family, house, job but still, something is missing, What is that? a single moment of leisure, satisfaction, happiness.

Many times she felt depressed, helpless, weak  and lonely.
Her life was just like a machine who has programmes set as per watch.

She wanted to spend a lazy day at home and just play with her kids.She wanted to hold them tight before they grow up.
It was ages since she shopped something of her choice. Most of the times she just picked clothes which fits her oversized body.
She longed to meet her girlfriends and discuss all her parental issues, problems.
She missed her family and wanted to be with them. She visited her parents but it’s for just 2-3 days.
She wanted more time to cook flavourful, scrumptious meals for her children. She wanted to read as many stories as they want before sleeping, she wanted to spend time with Neev and listen about his work stress. She wanted to spend time with her parents, 10000 things-to-do and she has only 24 hours and 2 hands.

What she expected was a hand of help and touch of love from her loved ones. it’s not the only Neha who is juggling between work, home, kids, husband, But many working ladies like her need the support. It’s been observed that a woman who has a strong support system, can concentrate on their work without guilt and succeed in their respective careers.

Can we help these mommy soldiers? and make a difference in their life?  the answer is yes, Let’s make her parenting journey smoother.


Parents and in-laws are the immediate families of any woman and they can help her in many ways. Offer help, support to mommy as and when required. Show her that you are always there for her. Instead of curbing about her parenting style or anything else, suggest and appreciate her. Babysit with kids and let her take a nap or go on an outing. Arrange a party and invite her friends and family. These small things will help her in many ways.


Husband plays the important role in a woman’s life and if her is supportive she can face any challenge. Help your wife in household chores and handling kids. Baby sit with kids as and when possible which will share her responsibility. Let her spend the leisure day with her friends and family . Pamper her by watching a movie or by going on shopping . It would help her to feel fresh and get recharged for  her mommy duty.


if you have a friend who is multitasking mommy then please show more care for her. You can make a positive difference in her life in many ways. Meet her, with her on her special days, call her, offer help to her and show that you are there for her. These special moments with friends will give the exact change for mommy.


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  1. This story is so relatable. I have to say I am blessed to have extremely supportive family members, husband and even colleagues, but still at times it is all too overwhelming. It definitely does take a village to raise a child

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    That’s a very touching post and I can easily identify with it as a working woman and mom.

  3. Yes it gets difficult at times for working mothers. And somehow for SAHM too, who are working freelancing, you are in home and office at the same time. So it gets lot of effort to schedule and delegate work to start a day with a smile and end too with a smile.

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