Halloween fun for kids- a complete guide


Trick-or-treat? Spooky decorations, Scary costumes and howling noises – you guessed it correctly -It’s Halloween time. The festival falls on the 31 October and everyone is already gearing up for it. Children wait for this festival as they can get dressed and go house to house for asking candies.My kids absolutely love to collect candies and there is a compition in between them for collecting maximum number of candies.It’s a fun festival and if you are thinking of planning party for your kids,then here is the complete guide for Halloween fun with your kids.

Halloween Activities/Games  for Kids

1) Making Pumpkin:

What do you need:
1.Round chocolate or candy
2.Orange, brown and green tissue papers
Cut out Orange tissue paper squares and place the candy in the centre.Wrap it up and twist the end. Place tape over the twisted end to keep it from unravelling. Stick brown or green tissue paper to the tip. Cute little candy pumpkins are ready.

2) Paint Pumpkins:

How about painting pumpkins with your favourite colours instead of orange? Get a pumpkin and let your child artist paint those pumpkins with choice of watercolours. It’s a super fun activity.

3) Decorate Pumpkin:

Get foam stickers, glitters, glue and pumpkin.
Ask your child to decorate the pumpkin using these materials in a creative way.

4) Ghost Footprints:

What do you need:
Black paper
White paint
Black paint or a black marker

This activity is quite messy and you can select balcony or backyard for making ghosts footprints. It needs to paint the feet of your child and if you want you can also paint your foot too. And have a fun together to make ghosts footprint. It’s best to take dark black paper and then make a footprint using white paint. For actual footprinting  paint the bottom of your child’s foot with white paint.  Make sure you get the whole foot covered; toes, heel, etc. The toes are going to be the bottom of the ghosts and your little one’s heel will be the top – just keep this in mind for the placement of their footprints on your paper. After your child’s foot is fully painted, stamp their footprints on the black paper.  You can make various combinations as well and let it dry. When they are dry, with your child’s toes facing the bottom of the paper,  you can make eyes for the ghosts. You are all done with adorable footprint ghosts.  This is an awesome Halloween craft.

5) Make Rock Ghost:

For making rock ghosts :Collect Rocks and colour them white and paint eyes with black colour.

6)Make Glow in the Dark Cards

What do you need :
(glow in the dark )Paint
paint brushes
stencils or cookie cutters (optional)
letter stamps (optional)
Take a paper and draw the shapes.
Use various cookie cutters or stencils to create a design for creating your card.
Now paint it using glow in the dark paint. (You can leave the inside of your shape open, or you can fill it in with more paint.)
When you are finished, take your design into a dark room, and watch it glow. The glow fades after a little while. To make the glow last longer, add an extra layer of paint. The longer you charge the paint in the sunlight (or overhead light), the longer the glow will last as well.

7) Candy Fun

What do you need:
leftover Halloween candy
paper or plastic cups

  1. Have your child line up the cups.  Let your child  take own sweet  time o setting up the cups since half of the fun in this game is getting everything ready.
  2. Then have her hide a piece of candy under one of the cups. (We’re sneaking in some fine motor skills here, too, especially if you’re working with small candy)
  3. You or she can move the cups around and line them up again in a new order.
  4. Now let your child find the hidden candy.

So it was about the Halloween activities and games for your kids. Now let’s see about the costume ideas for that perfect Halloween look. Use a variety of masks, face paints, accessories and costume to give the perfect Halloween look to your child. Following are costume ideas for boys and girls.

Halloween Costume Ideas for boys:

You can dress your boys in following costumes for their Halloween party:
Zombies, vampires, Ghosts, Robot ,Beasts, Alien Encounter , Pirate Costume, Super Hero , Ninja ,Werewolf , Pumpkins.

Halloween Costume Ideas for girls:

You can dress your girls in following costumes for their Halloween party:
Disney Princess ,Vampires ,Hello Kitty ,Witches ,Fairies ,Strawberry, Smurf ,Butterfly ,Frozen.


  1. Halloween is a typical festival where both kids and adults dress up using a scary makeup / outfit. Lot of candies are distributed. Nice time of joy and merriment.

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