Our Mother’s day celebrations

Mother's day celeration
Mother’s day

It’s another bright Sunday morning in May and I woke up to read mother’s day celebrations and wishes messages on WhatsApp. Thanks  to technology which doesn’t let us forget anything and reminds to celebrate every single occasion. I thought, This Sunday‘s special as it’s mother’s day .I started my day with a hope to finish work early so that I could call my mother and wish her on mother’s day. She hardly knows about it but gets happy to know new things from me and her grandchildren.

Sunday is usually busy day for me as kids are at home and they want to play whole day. And there are many demands for sweet treats, play dates; some different menu for meals .So Sunday brings double work for mommy .Cooking, cleaning, playing and yeah not to forget the untidy house. So where I was, It’s about mother’s day 2017 and it was rocking day for me. My little munchkins wished me “Happy mother’s day “. My elder daughter Siya knows much about mother’s day as her school has special event organized for the occasion. Also her teacher asked children to write down an essay for their mother. Few of the things Siya wrote for me “We celebrate mother’s day because we want to say thanks to our mothers. My mother cooks yummy food for me and my sister. When we don’t eat she runs behind us to feed .And she cleans all the mess we make in our house. Momma plays with me and takes me for shopping as well. Thank you mamma for everything and we love you. (But when you scold us then you look so scary, so don’t scold us.. :- ) )” .After reading her essay ,I asked her “Am I Scary ?” and then she laughed replying  “Yes momma you look scary when you scold me for not watching TV.”

Younger one wished me “happy mommy day to you.” For her it’s something kind of birthday celebration. She copies her elder sister. And then after wishing session we had gift session also. Both of them have got beautiful gifts for me which they made in their respective schools. Getting lovely gifts especially made for me was something exclusive for me. Wonderful hand painted flower pot. I kept the gifts in my showcase and probably glanced at it thousand times.The cute little creations got smile on my face every time I saw them. Time flies so fast and my little babies are grown up to gift their mommy.

Mother's day
Mother’s day

Then it was my turn to wish my mother who is thousands of miles away from me. When I wished her on phone she said “I don’t know what mother’s day is but, when you will come home that will be mother’s day for me.” I wish to always be with her but that’s not possible.

So it was my mother’s day  2017 celebrations. The day passed so quickly with so many memories to cherish. There is no joy greater than motherhood and we are too blessed to be mother’s. It’s most special feeling to be someone’s world.Wish you all happy mothers’ day and may your day be blessed !!!!






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