Healthy vegetarian lunch ideas for kids -1

lunch idea
lunch idea

Hi friends, Hope you are well and school vacation is going on smoothly. After indoor game ideas post, today’s post is about healthy eating for children. Kids don’t eat vegetable portions their meals. Generally, kids don’t like vegetables because of the taste, texture, color etc. And sometimes there is absolutely no reason, somehow kids avoid eating vegetables. ( My both girls always escape when they see vegetables on the plate. They remove green vegetables from the plate saying it’s grass!!:-)) I’m sure many mommies here have the same complain-how to provide the complete nutrition if kids don’t eat a balanced diet? For physical growth and good immunity of children, diet plays an important role. Good eating habits in childhood help them in their normal growth.

We are starting a series of health and nutrition-packed lunch ideas for children.It will have many interesting recipes which has  various vegetables hidden in perfect and tastiest possible ways.Here is the first vegetable packed  and simple to cook lunch menu for children. It has spinach paratha/crepe, Vegetable and coconut stew, Cucumber Raita and beetroots slices. Let’s start with a  first lunch ideas which has maximum possible vegetables used in it.

1. Spinach paratha/ Crepe:

There are many ways to make spinach paratha, but I found this one convenient and makes tastiest soft paratha. Wash, cut spinach leaves. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin & carom seeds to crackle in it. Add  garlic, green chillies  paste  and sauté. Add  selected spices, salt in spinach curry and cook it for 10 -15 minutes. Let it cool down and add wheat flour in it to knead paratha dough. Knead tight dough  and water in it if required. Roll and roast paratha by applying ghee.

2.Vegetable stew with coconut cream:

Wash and cut all available vegetables(This recipe is made up of, c arrots, onion, tomatoes, beetroot, green peas, sweet corn kernels, cabbage). In a pan heat oil and crackle cumin seeds. Add ginger, garlic, red chili paste and sauté for a minute. Add and stir-fry all vegetables one by one. Sprinkle black pepper, salt sugar in the pan. Pour coconut cream and little water. Cook it for 15 minutes by covering and Vegetable coconut stew is ready to serve.

3.Cucumber raita :

Wash and cut cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato and mix together. Sprinkle pink salt, cumin powder, peanut powder on it. Pour fresh yoghurt and mix well.

Healthiest and tastiest lunch is ready to serve. Serve this lunch with slices of beet root and carrots.Watch this space for many more  interesting lunch ideas for children.


  1. looking delicious i feel yummy

  2. Oh, this is not just a good healthy lunch kids but grownups as well. In our fast-paced lives, we often tend to neglect our lunch.

    • Rupali Kadam

      That’s very true, We have to find time for our health.I’m glad to get your compliments.Thanks.

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